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July 28, 2014 • Style

i used to be way into make-up, at least as much as any other sixteen-year-old girl. but then one day i woke up and i just couldn’t be bothered with it anymore. it started seeming like such hard work, and as cliché as it sounds, i much rather spent those twenty minutes each morning in my bed then in front of the mirror. besides, i told myself, i like natural beauty.

while that is still true, i’ve also realized that going from one end of the spectrum to the other might not have been the ideal strategy. as a student, i really didn’t care that i could look tired and a little washed out. hey – i was cooped up inside, studying all day, every day. and during summer, when i got a bit of a tan, make-up just didn’t seem necessary at all. those early twenties were amazing, am i right?

sadly, closing in on the next decade of my life, it’s getting more difficult to look as fresh and healthy without any help. last year i got my skincare act together thanks to parfuma and la mer, and i was introduced to a simple and effective beauty routine – all in light of my wedding at the end of last summer. i was amazed how a handful of products and a short morning and evening routine could change the way i feel and look to such an extent.

little by little, my fascination with cosmetics and beauty started to return. but this time, i’m taking a different approach. products have to be easy to use and effective – i still think it’s a waste to spend too much time in the bathroom each day. secondly, i only like products that highlight natural beauty and maybe give it an extra push. no dramatic false lashes and dark eyeshadows for me, thank you very much.

so when dior reached out to me and asked if i wanted to discover their BACKSTAGE PROS line of beauty products, at first i was a little hesitant. after all, these products were used by make-up artists who turn models into the special kind of creatures that strut the catwalk, and i didn’t exactly see how that would apply to me or my life. but then i did some research, and i found out most of these products are actually smart-ass solutions to enhance what is already there. used as a base for dramatic catwalk make-up, they provide the perfect canvas. but used on their own, they might end up being the perfect beauty routine for a fresh and natural daily look.

i just started to experiment with the products, but thought i’d already give you a look at what the line consists of. my current favorites are the ADDICT LIP GLOW, which i actually already used before – it’s a simple balm, but it brings out your natural lip color – and the NAIL GLOW, which does the same but for your nails. i can honestly say these two have become fundamentals – products i apply even if i’m stuck behind my computer for days on end, just because they make me feel like me, but in a tiny little bit better version. i’m hoping the rest of the products will have the same effect on me, and i’ll be sharing my experience with them throughout this summer.

have you tried any of the BACKSTAGE PROS products? i’m curious to hear what you think of them.


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