let me tell you about last night. when ALPRO asked me to tell you guys about their ALPRONISTA sky box pop-up restaurant in ghent, they offered me the opportunity to host a dinner there for some of my online friends and dear readers. there’s nothing i love more than spending quality offline time with these ladies – each and every one of them incredibly talented, driven, creative and inspiring. but if that quality time is on a rooftop with an amazing view on ghent and involves healthy, delicious food – you’re basically describing the perfect night out for me.

obviously, last night was awesome. i had so much fun talking to these pretties, sharing amazing food (on my to-do list – get a lifetime supply of the ALPRO COCONUT DRINK for every dessert ever), geeking out over instagram stories and managing to mess up every one of the seventy group photos my husband tried to take. poor guy – he was a little overwhelmed by all of the girl power, but i’m really grateful for the pictures he took to remember the fabulous evening by.

i also got to meet some of my fantastic readers, and i gotta say – you guys have to be the most amazing readers anywhere on the planet. i was so sorry i couldn’t invite everyone who emailed me – often with really cool stories – but glad i got to meet four of you instead of two, thanks to a last-minute cancelation. i really want to create more opportunities to meet you in real life – every single person i’ve met through the blog has rocked. cathy, isabel, elvire and fleur – thanks so much for joining us last night!

if you have some time to kill this weekend, make sure to check out the amazing blogs, webshops and instagram accounts of these wonderful women! on the group pic from left to right // dorothy // tamara // patricia // cathy // elfi // stephanie rosseel // susanne // isabel  // elvire // fleur // katleen // emma // annebeth // isabel naesens

photos by matthias rabaey (did you notice the rad elevator that took us to the rooftop? quite the experience!)


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