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November 21, 2014 • AntwerpHome DecorTravel

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you guys could probably have guessed that i love any and all guides, sites, blogs and maps that help you discover cool new places… right? throughout the years, i’ve amassed quite the collection of apps that do the same – for a variety of different cities around the world. whenever i start planning a trip, browsing the app store is actually one of the first things i do. that’s why i didn’t hesitate a second when belgian magazine FEELING asked me to help promote their newest venture, the FEELING FEEL.IT app. the interactive guide shows you ten new hot spots or things to do in belgium each week. so whether you’re belgian and you want inspiration for next weekend, or you’re about to travel to a belgian city – you’ll love this app.

i browsed through some of the history to pick a few of my favorite spots that i’ll be sharing with you right here. the first place i visited was the newest location of THE GAME, a very cool design store. their concept is super strong – 52 different designs for sale in their brussels boutique, their antwerp location and online. the products are a curated selection of belgian and international design. i spent some time browsing the beautiful and bright shop in the nationalestraat, and noticed my wish list grew with every new product i laid my eyes on. my absolute favorites? the ombré NUEE FOR VERILIN curtain in the window, and the BELVEDERE MIRROR BY INGA SEMPE. and if you’re still looking for a cute christmas present, how about these tiny ESPRESSO CUPS BY DIARIO?

this post is a collaboration with FEELING FEEL.IT – of course all opinions are my own.
photos by stephanie duval


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