i was happy as a clam when i was asked to help promote the JONG KEUKENGEWELD initiative of toerisme vlaanderen. between october 1 and november 15 foodies between 18 and 30 could reserve a spot in one of sixty selected restaurants, for a moderately priced menu, including drinks. asked where i wanted to go with my husband, i chose GRAANMARKT13. i’ve loved the story, look and concept of everything at graanmarkt13 since the very beginning, but somehow i never managed to actually have dinner in their basement before. as i had heard nothing but good about seppe nobels and his fresh and inventive veggie cuisine, i was eager to finally discover it for myself.

so last saturday, after a particularly exciting day at the antwerp book fair to speak about HOW BLOGS WORK and sign my book, my man and i enjoyed a wonderful tête-à-tête at the very cosy graanmarkt13 restaurant. i’m sorry about the crappy iphone food pictures, but as i really wanted to enjoy the dinner, i left the big guns at home. i returned earlier this week to take some snapshots of the interior, because i did want to do that justice. the atmosphere is so warm and welcoming, and at the same time the design is so sleek and timeless – it’s simply perfect. and how about those greens right at the entrance?

as for the food – oh my. nothing i had heard was exaggerated. we really enjoyed every single course that came our way. we ordered some extra bites for the apéritif, went crazy over the warm, freshly baked bread, and really appreciated how the crew took into consideration every single dietary restriction. one of the biggest downsides of being pregnant, without a doubt, is the fact that you can’t eat everything you’d like. but seppe and his team made sure i didn’t have to feel like i was missing out – my husband was even jealously eyeing some of my alternative dishes!

i really love these initiatives that help a younger crowd discover the fine cuisine belgium has to offer, and that puts young foodie talent in the spotlight. if you want to find out more about the jonge keukengeweld initiative, you can check out THIS BROCHURE or THIS FACEBOOK PAGE.

photos by stephanie duval


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