Holiday Shopping For Travelers

December 12, 2014 • StyleTravel

my last holiday shopping list might also be my favorite. from reading my blog you’ll know that i’m a bit travel-addicted – if i stay in one place for too long, i get nervous and need to start planning my next trip. it’s not just discovering new places that i like, i also just really love the experience of traveling in itself. somehow nothing clears my mind or gets my creativity going like being on a plane with nothing else to do but think. it’s like flying through the sky creates distance from your life, somehow, and you’re able to see things more clearly.

of course there’s also the glamour and fun of traveling – checking into lounges, packing beautiful suitcases, enjoying the on-board experience… throughout the years i’ve created some rituals that are holy to me. right now i’m preparing for a trip to new york (spending the week leading up to christmas there!) and especially for long-haul flights i have quite a few essential items that need to come with me. i wouldn’t mind upgrading some of them to the ones in this shopping list though… i think the KATE & KATE blanket is just gorgeous, and much nicer to keep you warm than airline blankets, don’t you agree? so what about you? what are your must-haves for traveling, and do you have any cool trips planned?

1 i’m not one to travel with an entire beauty case, but i do love to have a few nice pouches for cosmeticary. this BOBBI BROWN TRAVEL SET holds all the essential brushes for your make-up. // 2 speaking of essentials – for long-haul flights i really need to take extra precautions to prevent my skin from drying. i love a handy moisturizing spray like THIS ONE. i actually love all aesop products – their scents are amazing – so i think i’d like to try their RINSE-FREE HAND WASH as well. // 3 everyone needs a good blanket for travel – it’s a nice to have in your hotel room, and a must-have on board. THIS ONE by kate & kate is on my personal wish list, too. // 4 not much use checking your iphone while you’re sky-high, so i depend on a good old-fashioned watch while traveling. i love the rose gold and leather strap of this DANIEL WELLINGTON WATCH. // 5 i am always so nervous to be losing important documents during travel, but since i learned stuffing them into one pouch and then just keeping an eye on that one, i’ve been much more relaxed. i’m currently using a variety of these black MUJI TRAVEL POUCHES and i love that they are a bit see-through and sturdy. // 6 another little detail in rose gold, because honestly, can anyone ever have too much rose gold in their lives? i love these HAPPY PLUGS (and they come in all kinds of fun colors). // 7 another thing i always carry around with me is a notebook. i’ll always be that old-fashioned journalist who prefers to jot down ideas on paper instead of digitally. this PUBLIC SUPPLY NOTEBOOK looks much cooler than any device anyway. // 8 though sleeping on planes is not my specialty, i always try to at least get a little shut-eye during long-haul flights. but this pretty J.CREW EYEMASK also comes in handy when your hotel room is not as dark as you’d like. // 9 last but not least, i wouldn’t dream of going anywhere without my laptop. i’ve been a die-hard fan of hard graft ever since they launched their company, and am currently loving this LAPTOP FOLIO.


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