Introducing Master Meubel

January 27, 2015 • AntwerpHome Decor

today i’m happy to introduce you to one of my all-time favorite shops in belgium. it’s definitely not a new one, but it might be new-to-you, and if you enjoy this blog and my take on design and interior, i guarantee you’ll want to put this one on top of your to-visit list. guys, please meet MASTER MEUBEL.

a walhalla for design lovers, this place has been around for decades, as it was one of the very first shops in belgium to focus only on high-end design labels and furniture. today it is still one of the only specialists in belgium where you’ll find ALL of your favorite design brands under one roof. and what a roof… the showroom is nothing short of spectacular, with lots of natural light, beautifully styled corners, tons of design classics complemented with newly launched models and even a little exhibition area where you can travel through design history. we did a little shoot there on a beautiful snowy day last month, and i absolutely loved the effect of the daylight reflecting off the snow into the showroom. believe me when i say you need to go take a look for yourself.

when we did for the first time, it was a sunday (yes, they’re open on sundays, that’s a pretty awesome bonus) some time after we bought our first apartment and before we moved in. as we had waited such a long time before moving in together, we’d had some time to save up for our interior purchases, and we wanted to invest in a few timeless classics to spruce up our mostly ikea interior. we went there thinking we’d only buy the EAMES CHAIRS by vitra, but we went home with a much larger order. it might have had something to do with the amazing service we got from the interior architect who helped us. with endless patience, he moved the eames chairs from table to table in the showroom, looking for the perfect fit. he demonstrated lamps and explained the difference between sooo many options – he just made it so easy for us to see our living room coming together.

when our purchases were delivered some weeks after that, i admit i was a little nervous. you spend more money on design, that’s just a given, so the stakes are higher when you’ve made certain style decisions. but i needn’t have worried, because every single item fit into our space just as beautifully as we had imagined with the interior decorator. all of these items have since moved on with us to switzerland, and we still love them as much as we did at first sight. there’s a reason they call design ‘classic’ and it has nothing to do with style. these items are timeless and durable and iconic, and their appeal never fades.

of course i realize design is not always the attainable option – but the fact that it takes some saving up and careful consideration makes me love it even more. in the end, i hope to be able to surround myself with objects and furniture that are well made and will last a lifetime, or maybe longer – i love the idea of passing on some things to the next generation. for 2015, i’ve teamed up with MASTER MEUBEL to bring you inspiring design stories that will hopefully give you ideas on how to incorporate design into your life and home. this little introduction was the first chapter, and i hope i have encouraged you to go take a look in their showroom. trust me – the people there are the friendliest bunch, and they’d love to give you a little tour even if you don’t have any immediate purchase in mind – inspiring people is a passion they share with me.

this post is part of a collaboration with MASTER MEUBEL, but of course all opinions are authentic and my own (as are the photos).


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