The Sagamore Miami

January 25, 2015 • MiamiTravel

when we went to miami for the first time a little over a year ago, we didn’t really know what to expect of anything, and least of all the weather. it was around thanksgiving, so it felt weird to us having to pack shorts and bathing suits while we were used to packing extra layers and ultra warm gloves to visit new york around that time of the year. i can’t say i didn’t like the change though. sure, there were some clouds and the sky wasn’t exactly picture perfect all the time, but there was always this warm breeze that somehow felt very tropical, and the sun was never far off.

for our last night on miami beach, we stayed at the famous SAGAMORE hotel – a beacon of modern design in what can sometimes feel like a town stuck in time. i loved the sleek look of the place and ALL THE MARBLE. there were some fun touches, too – often provided by local artists. don’t be fooled by the lobby when you walk in, it’s the least attractive part of the hotel. just walk on through to the kitchen and outdoor patio, to the swimming pool or to the private beach, and you’ll know what i mean. i also loved the location of this place – within walking distance from all the happenings and shopping going on downtown.

we were lucky enough to call one of the nicest suites our home for the night, and we really enjoyed every little detail – from the aveda amenities to the luxurious king size bed and the gorgeous view on the ocean. looking back at these pictures is making me long for a cool swim in the ocean, a hot bath afterwards and a plush robe to lounge around in. somebody please beam me up to miami?

photos by stephanie duval first published in the CONNECTIONS miami guide. check it out HERE to discover more of my tips.


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