a while ago i INTRODUCED you to my favorite design store in belgium, MASTER MEUBEL. i told you all about our experiences there, and i mentioned that we would be teaming up this year to bring you some – hopefully – inspiring design stories. some of the smaller stories you can check out ON THEIR BLOG, where i have joined the master team to deliver your regular dose of design inspiration. but today, i’d like to introduce a larger project we’ve tackled together – refurbishing the living room in our brand new apartment.

as you might remember, we used to live in a teeny TINY APARTMENT in geneva before, where we barely had space for a small ikea sofa, let alone a decent living room set. sometimes we’d push the dining table up to the sofa just so we could sit around it with six people – otherwise there was no room for that. with a baby on the way, we decided to leave the city and move closer to my husband’s job, which also meant farther away ‘from society’ than i’ve ever been. luckily there was an upside to that, too – we stumbled across an apartment that is brand new and so incredibly spacious. hello giant living room!

we quickly realized that we had to buy a whole bunch of extra furniture to fill up the spaces in our new home, and though i’ve done my best so far, the huge space that makes up the living and dining room still has us listening to our own echoes because it’s so empty. it was high time to take our living room situation seriously, and we decided we were ready to upgrade to our first design sofa. naturally, the first thing i did was start my research online. after having visited the milan design fair a couple of times the past few years, i had a pretty good idea of the companies and the designers that i liked, and i managed to narrow down the gigantic selection of design sofas out there to three favorites, which you can spot in the collage above.

on the left you’ll see a beautiful pink version of the VITRA ALCOVE PLUME designed by ronan and erwan bouroullec. it’s a classic, but the new fabric and color options make sure it still feels very contemporary. i especially love how the design manages to create a space within your space, super cozy. the grey couch in the middle is the MOROSO GENTRY by patricia urquiola. she is by far my favorite designer – i just love her unconventional and colorful vision. do you remember when i first discovered her work IN MILAN? the sofa on the right is the VITRA MARIPOSA created by hip designer duo edward barber and jay osgerby. it’s a brand new model launched just last year, and i really love how feminine and comfortable it looks.

we also decided that we want to add some kind of lounge chair to our set up – one that we can move around and that could further break up the space a bit. i really like the clean lines of the HAY ABOUT A LOUNGE CHAIR, but i keep being drawn to the romantic look of the FRITZ HANSEN RO CHAIR, too. i’m taking all of these ideas with me to master meubel to sit down with one of their interior architects, so they can help me visualize the space and make some tough decisions. one thing is for sure – however nice i think all of the pink is in my moodboard, there’s no way i’ll get my husband to sign off on that.

i’m curious to hear more about your living room situations! do any of you have any experience with the sofas and chairs i’m drawn to? do you have other suggestions for me to check out? which are your favorite designers? tell me aaaaaaall about it please – there’s no such thing as being too inspired or informed.

this post is part of a collaboration with MASTER MEUBEL, but of course all opinions are authentic and my own. the images in the collage belong to their respective brands – HAY, FRITZ HANSEN, VITRA and MOROSO. for more living room inspiration, check out MY MOODBOARD ON PINTEREST.


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