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September 27, 2015 • Style

Choosing new sunglasses at De Wolf Opticiens Choosing new sunglasses at De Wolf Opticiens Choosing new sunglasses at De Wolf Opticiens Choosing new sunglasses at De Wolf Opticiens Choosing new sunglasses at De Wolf Opticiens Choosing new sunglasses at De Wolf Opticiens Choosing new sunglasses at De Wolf Opticiens Choosing new sunglasses at De Wolf Opticiens Choosing new sunglasses at De Wolf Opticiens Choosing new sunglasses at De Wolf Opticiens

choosing new glasses or sunglasses is something i still prefer not to do from behind my computer screen. whatever the fancy schmancy software they’ve developed to ‘try on’ glasses with webcams and photos – i’m not buying it. the only way to really know if a model is good for your shape, color and style, is to actually put them on your nose and look into a mirror. preferably with someone knowledgable standing by your side and giving appropriate advice. so that’s why i headed to DE WOLF OPTICIENS in leuven on one rainy afternoon, because what else to cheer you up on a cloudy day than preparing for brighter ones to come, right?

there are actually two locations of de wolf opticiens closer to where i stay in belgium – in puurs and in schilde. but because LIENE works at the one in leuven and i’ve been following her on instagram since forever and i really trust her eye for style – that’s where i went. on a side note – leuven is actually not a bad place to go shopping. there are lots of nice little boutiques with a unique identity – multibrands run by people who know their stuff. check out LIV STORE for example, and you’ll know what i mean.

anyway, back to the business at hand. i desperately needed new sunglasses, as one does when they’ve worn the same pair for five years straight. i mean, i still love my ray-bans, but i’m sort of over them. liene had been tantalizing me with so many gorgeous snaps of the céline collection over on the INSTAGRAM FEED of de wolf, so i was super curious to try on a few of their models. not sure if i’ve shared this before, but i’m a huge céline fan – and this recent encounter with one of their accessory lines didn’t change a thing about that.

i tried on so many different sunglasses – from dolce&gabbana to dior – but in the end i fell hard for a smaller version of the céline model i’d spotted in liene’s pictures. if i’d shopped for sunnies online, i’d surely have gone for the bigger model, which ended up being way too big for my face. i’m glad liene suggested the smaller model and had the endless patience to go through all of the models twice, and in some cases three times in a row. we had a nice cup of coffee and talked about shopping and fashion while i tried on everything i could get my hands on, and liene gently advised me against everything i put on my face that just didn’t flatter me like it should. in the end she agreed that i should go for a classic, iconic style, and as she packed up my choice, she looked nearly as happy as i felt with it.

i’m leaving on holiday end of this week, to have one last summer experience before i resign to six months of winter. we’re going to ibiza – where i went on my BACHELORETTE WEEKEND over two years ago, and i couldn’t be more excited to return with my husband and little one in tow this time. i have a couple of nice posts planned for the blog while i’m gone, but if you’d like to see where i’m taking my new sunnies, make sure to follow me ON INSTAGRAM, where i’ll happily overshare every little detail of my favorite island.

photos by LIENE MENEVE and stephanie duval

  • These kinds of posts are so dangerous for me to look at because I instantly fall in love with at least 5 of the models shown on the pictures.
    Unfortunately ain’t nobody got the money to back up those feelings! Anyway, I love this post!
    Looks like such a nice place, too bad it’s so far from where I live. Have fun in Ibiza xxx

  • Volgende keer als je in Leuven bent, moet je mij iets laten weten! It’s my hometown! En de wolf opticiens staat al lang eens op mijn must-visit lijstje. Moet er eens werk van maken! :) (PS: ik ook grote liefde voor Céline zonnebrillen – ik heb de grote in bruin en zwart, oops)

  • Wat een mooie zaak! Ik heb in de zomer afscheid moeten nemen van mijn favoriete (vrij goedkope) zonnebril en sindsdien staat een model van Céline hoog op de wish list omdat die gewoon goed werken voor de vorm van mijn gezicht.
    Leuven is wel wat ver, maar voor een zonnebril kan dat nog net door de beugel. :)
    Goede keuze trouwens, die kleurtjes zou je snel beu worden.

    ps: spot ik daar die 50mm ja?


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