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when i first learned about NEST, i was intrigued. from a purely branding point of view, they looked like they could be the apple of domestic electronics. after all, i had never before seen a ‘beautiful’ thermostat. then they started rolling out other products, and my fascination with them grew. from the way their products looked to how they communicated about them – everything seemed to sort of ‘click’ in the right way.

now that i have been given the opportunity to experience nest for myself, my initial ideas have only been confirmed. just like with any apple product, even opening the box of your product is part of a bigger experience. the packaging is beautiful and carefully designed so as to reward you immediately with a good look at what’s inside. no sticky tape, no wasteful fillings – just the product and the bare essentials you need to set it up. the experience continues right there, because you can go from unwrapping to first test-driving the product in less than five minutes. everything is so self-explanatory and easy to use, it definitely kept reminding me of the first time i ever used my macbook. there’s just no going back, you guys!

i didn’t really have use for a thermostat in our current rental apartment, but i was curious to discover the nest cam. i had previously always resisted putting a baby monitor with camera in juliet’s room, but this camera can be used for a variety of purposes, because its sleek design fits in anywhere. naturally though, we first wanted to try it out in juliet’s room. the camera automatically adjusts to the lighting in the room and switches to infrared when necessary, so we could start spying on our daughter when she slept. and honestly, it’s been so much fun. i can’t wait to share some video we have saved from her shenanigans, but more on that later!

we also were offered to try out the nest protect, a very advanced smoke and CO alarm. we already had a pretty rudimentary smoke alarm hanging in our kitchen – ugly as hell, but it does the job. the nest protect is a lot more beautiful, so we didn’t really feel the need to hide it anywhere, and we decided to put it up in the night hall connecting our bedrooms and bathrooms. it is also the passage we use to get to juliet’s room whenever she wakes up at night. we thought it would be a good place to position it to keep us all safe, and we were excited about the extra feature that would help us out there. the nest protect lights up when you walk underneath it in the dark, so there is no more fondling around during the deep hours of the night.

recently we became even more convinced we’ll have to replace the smoke detector in our kitchen with another nest protect, when we the alarm set off after we blew out some candles and it scared us half to death. if anything like that should happen around the nest protect, it first gives you a heads-up in a recorded human voice to let you know there’s something fishy going on. it gives you the time to intervene before it goes in full-on alarm mode, which is pretty nifty if you like to experiment in the kitchen and things don’t always go your way.

both products are linked to a smartphone app that is also super easy to use. i have made it a habit to check up on video of juliet sleeping or getting in and out of bed whenever i’m traveling for work. it’s a small way to feel connected even when our timings don’t allow us to video chat. and if our smoke alarm would ever go off when we’re not in our apartment, the app on our phone would let us know what’s going on immediately – a very comforting idea when you’re away from home a lot like we are. oh nest, you might drawn me in with your looks, but you won me over with your smarts.

full disclosure – NEST sent us both products to review and keep. this post was in no other way sponsored or paid for, and my opinion has not been influenced in any way. i always suspected i’d be a fan of their brand, they just offered me the opportunity to discover it for myself. // photos by stephanie duval


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