Marmar In The Snow

April 6, 2017 • KidsLife

it hasn’t snowed around here for weeks now, and though i am so happy and excited to transition into spring, i am a bit nostalgic for the beautiful snow days we had this winter. everyone seems to be leaving on their very last skiing trips of the season, so i’m using that as an excuse to photo dump our excursion with the cutest snow bunny of all time.

finding a pretty snowsuit for little ones is quite the challenge – at least if you’re not into rainbow-colour-compositions or cartoon prints. but if there’s one brand i have always been able to count on since juliet was born, it’s MARMAR. i discovered the brand thanks to their evergreen collection of gorgeous modal rompers, tees and leggings, and when juliet grew a little bigger, i started loving their seasonal collections, too. their prints are always amazing and the quality is exceptional.

silly me had never noticed they also have a range of outerwear and even winterwear, but once i realized, i was beyond excited to try it out. in the photos above juliet is wearing their ollie snowsuit, and it is every bit as warm and cozy as it looks. i love that it comes in beautiful, muted and classic colors – nothing like the garish hues you see in most skiwear brands. i’m secretly hoping the size two will last her another season, as it was slightly too big for her now (but all the more cozy and warm).

i think part of me wanted to have kids just for this moment – seeing my tiny nugget all wrapped up, monkeying around in the snow with her dad, never flinching when he sled down the hills with her, always yelling ‘encore!’ it was such a fun day that we’ve since invested in a real, wood sleigh and i’ve made a mental note to buy decent snow boots and gloves for juliet next winter, so we can start having some snowball fights, too. as long as we’re living 20 minutes away from that fairytale like winter wonderland, we’ve decided to try and enjoy it as often as we can.

so there you go with this official goodbye to winter – see ya in a few months!

juliet is wearing the MARMAR ollie snowsuit • all photos by stephanie duval


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