A Tour Of Our Bedroom

December 21, 2017 • Home Decor

our master bedroom may be the most neglected room in our house. after all, we’re the only ones who see it, and for the longest time it just made more sense to spend time and energy on decorating the living room or juliet’s room, for example. but with a second baby on the way i have started to rethink our current living situation – trying to figure out where the heck we’re going to put this kid – and it made me realize we needed to do something to make our room nicer, too.

we’re probably going to share it with the new baby for a little while, so it really needed an upgrade in terms of softness and coziness. once again it was LORENA CANALS to the rescue, with the prettiest terrazzo rug you ever did see. just like juliet’s colorful rug in her room, this one is super soft and washable. i was going to add something here about that being a big plus in a home with kids, but i just spilled candle wax over our wool rug in the living room myself last night – so really washable rugs are a good idea for anyone?

i admit i went to juliet’s room to steal some of my favorite items to decorate the rest of our bedroom, because i like to experiment a bit before i commit to a new style. i’m so in love with juliet’s color scheme of pinks and mustards, i wouldn’t mind copy-pasting it to our room, but that might not be masculine enough for every member in our household, ahem. i guess juliet is getting her cushions and blankets back, but that’s ok because it gives me the opportunity to try something different entirely.

the rug we chose has different colors – pink, yes, but also blue-ish grey and a kind of dark beige. i think i feel most attracted to the beige to further explore. maybe i should add some natural color linen bedsheets? it would also play well with white, black and light wood scheme we’ve got going on above our dresser. i might even consider painting the wall behind our bed – though i’ll have to figure out how to paint this awful chalk paint they put on walls everywhere in swiss rental homes… if you’ve got any advice for me – i’d love to hear it!

photos by stephanie duval • rug by LORENA CANALS • string shelf unit via KIDS LOVE DESIGN • black lamp from SERAX • wall hooks are from MUUTO • camel sweater from M BY M and scarf from EMOI EMOI • white laundry baskets from SERAX • mustard home wear with bird print from PLUTO ON THE MOON • quilted pink blanket from CAMCAM • dusty pink pillow from HVID • yellow flower print pillow case from CAMOMILE LONDON • natural woven basket from LORENA CANALS • knitted blankets from HVID • house pillow from CAMOMILE LONDON • amber vase from HOUSE DOCTOR • black bedside table from ANNE LINDE


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