over the years, i’ve come to realize that a big part of creating a warm, cozy home, comes down to adding texture. literally, by mixing fabrics and materials, but also by collecting little objects and accessories that each add a layer of depth to your home’s story. it’s not something you can just decide to do one day – it’s something that develops over time, as you find pretty little things and take them home with you.

i used to get insecure whenever i considered bringing home a new accessory or object – i started wondering whether it would ‘fit in’. now i know that – because i love the object enough to want to buy it, that’s enough to make it fit in. even if the color is not an exact match, even if it’s a slightly different style than anything you’ve bought before. your style will change, the objects will, too, and that’s completely fine. it’s much nicer to create your personal style in this way, than to follow some kind of guidebook or buy everything at once in one store, because you feel like that is the only way to control the outcome. which is not to say that an ‘eclectic’ style is the only truly personal one – i just like things to be 70 percent pure. on the surface, it might seem like it’s one style or flavor, but if you look more closely, you’ll see there’s other ingredients mixed in there. and that’s what makes anything really interesting – at least in my opinion.

i really love moving things around in our home. small items i may have bought for one of the kids’ rooms end up in the living room, and the other way around. a vase moves from one shelf to another side table, and frames first hold photos and then art work from the girls. i recently added this SINGLE CANDLE HOLDER from FRITZ HANSEN to the mix. JAIME HAYON is one of my favorite designers of the moment – he has an uncanny ability to combine warm materials with a sleek and timeless design. because even though i love to add and change things in our home occasionally, i don’t like to get rid of things entirely, so i try to avoid buying things that i know i will get sick of quickly.

my first instinct was to buy the two different versions of this candle holder at once, because they obviously go so well together. but then i realized that i would be trying to reproduce the images on the website and in the catalogue, instead of creating my own story with it. i really love how the item matches with some of the things we already owned, and frankly i look forward to creating a collection of completely different CANDLE HOLDERS that all share one red thread – because i love their design, they become a piece of the puzzle that is our home.

photos by stephanie duval • post in collaboration with MISTERDESIGN.BE


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