have you heard of the white-wall-phenomenon? you know, where you move house and decide this time you’ll decorate every room and actually hang things on the wall, but then five years later most of your walls are still pristine and white and 90s-era-minimalist? when we moved into our apartment five years ago, i swore it wouldn’t happen to me, but of course it did. i kept pinning interesting wall decoration ideas to endless pinboards. i kept seeing really cool gallery walls in other people’s homes, but never got around to it in my own. until eloise moved out of our bedroom into the former guest room, and i realized i needed to add some warm, cozy vibes. it still took me a year to figure out what kind of vibes they needed to be – but when i stumbled upon DESENIO’S STUDIO SERENITY collection, i knew i’d found it.

i had seen desenio posters on multiple instagram posts and pinterest pins, so i knew they had amazing photography of botanics, interesting building facades and cool places around the world. they regularly commission photographers to create specific collections of images exclusively for them, just like they did for the serenity collection. the photos i selected from this series were taken in the south-west of the united states. it’s an area really close to my heart, as it’s where i was asked to marry my husband and where we honeymooned, too. the DESERT LANDSCAPE i picked out reminds me of joshua tree park, which we discovered the day after he proposed. we haven’t been to the HORSESHOE BEND, or any of the canyons actually, but it is definitely in the top three of my travel wish list.

the photos on the smaller posters (SHAPE OF LIGHT and IN STILLNESS) i’m pretty sure were taken at the amangiri resort in canyon point. it’s one of those ultimate travel destinations if you’re sensitive to man-made architectural design blending into nature’s own greatest design. the roughness of the canyons against the sleek concrete structures of the building, the way the water of the pool reflects the sunlight and the surrounding structures – i imagine it would be impossible for me to visit this place and not take photos all day long. though i doubt they’d be better than these ones, so putting them up on the wall is the next best thing to traveling there, i guess? (jk, i still totally need to go there at one point in my life!)

i like that these posters together help create a sense of stillness and calm in eloise’s room, that they simultaneously refer to one of the places that has been so important in her parents’ relationship and they hopefully instill (the beginning of) a love for amazing design – natural or otherwise. if you’re feeling inspired to create your own story, head over to DESENIO and enjoy a 25% discount on their posters with the code STEPHANIEDUVAL (not valid on personalized or handpicked posters) until september 26. and please please please definitely send me a photo of the result – there are plenty more white walls in our home that i need the inspiration for!


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