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July 23, 2020 • DesignHome Decor

phew – it’s been a while since i last logged on here. at first, when we went into lockdown, i thought – this might be nice. some quality time with the kids, some time to try and do things that otherwise never happen. right. turns out keeping two kids entertained (and fed and semi-clean and healthy) at home 24/7 isn’t a walk in the park (literally).

and i admit, our home, which has always felt like our safe haven, our little sanctuary in the world, hasn’t always felt as peaceful in the past few months. but now that life has returned to some degree of normalcy and our life as a family is no longer constrained to these walls, i can feel myself starting to appreciate our home once again. they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that certainly is the case for me with our home right now. as i sit here typing this on holiday with family, i can almost start to imagine missing our beautiful living room and zonking out in front of the tv again. almost.

during the lockdown i haven’t felt particularly inspired to do any kind of redecorating, but near the end of it i added a few new details to our living room that have already made a huge difference. the table lamp we used to have next to the tv was old – i bought it when we first moved to geneva – and it didn’t match anything in our interior anymore. it was black and minimal and missed all of the warmth of this AND TRADITION MILK TABLE LAMP that i found in mister design’s selection of DESIGN TABLE LAMPS.

i love the design by NORM ARCHITECTS, who are among my favorites when it comes to that delicate balance between sleek and cozy. the milk glass creates such a nice diffused light, the lamp doesn’t take up too much space, and it has a dimmer, which is such a great way to influence the atmosphere in the room. i turn it up brighter on dark days when the girls are playing in the living room, and i turn it way down while we watch tv or have friends over for dinner.

i love how all the little details in this room have been coming together in the past year or so, by finally exchanging our old, black and ugly tv for this samsung frame that fits in seamlessly, and by gradually adding more accents in the same hues and materials to create a more coherent visual. i feel like, after almost six years, this room is finally becoming what i always wanted it to be – even though i couldn’t imagine it as such when we first moved in. i love this process so much. i know it might be tempting to move into a place and want to have everything perfect right from the very first day, but there is so much value to building the decor layer by layer. there’s so much more love and joy in that, and i really do believe that’s what people feel when they come here to visit and almost always comment on how cozy it feels (rather than how it looks).

AND TRADITION table lamp gifted by my partner • as usual – all opinions, stories and photos are my own


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