Fall Is In The Air

September 1, 2020 • Home Decor

it’s september 1st and i smell fall in the air… and honestly i’m so happy about that. spring has been challenging during the confinement, summer provided some relief in the form of family visits and little trips to our favorite places that feel like home, but it was also at least partly overshadowed by everything going on the world. borders closing and opening again, mandatory quarantines, face masks, red zones, orange zones. i don’t want to deny our privilege here or downplay actual war trauma, but at times it did feel a little like we were living in war times. feeling unsafe, feeling controlled, feeling confined – it makes everything from going to restaurants to playing on the beach feel a little less relaxing and free.

2020 has been a hell of a ride so far, and i know it’s just a date and it doesn’t actually mean anything to go from one year into the next, but i do feel like moving on. i look forward to cooling weather, to candle light and to cozy evenings curled up on the sofa. yesterday i played our winter tunes playlist on spotify for the first time, and i’m preparing myself to put it on endless repeat until january. fall can be dark and cold, but to me it never feels dark and cold – because we’re looking forward to the holidays, because we’re too busy watching you’ve got mail and when harry met sally, because we’re drinking hot chocolate and eating hearty dishes that feed the soul as much as the body. i look forward to buying all the pumpkins at our local farm, getting the kids excited about halloween, spoiling them with little presents in their advent calendars and – hopefully – being able to get together with our extended family at the end of the year. honestly, after having been apart for so much time this year, i swear i will never again complain about ‘all’ the parties we need to go to. i literally can’t imagine any greater gift in the world than the kind of quality time only the holidays offer.

in the meantime, i am bringing out the candles again, and i keep adding new CANDLE HOLDERS to our collection. it’s one of those things you can truly never have enough of, because more means more when it comes to candle light. my most recent addition is this brass ETCH CANDLE HOLDER designed by TOM DIXON, and it’s become an instant favorite because of the way the candle flame dances behind the cut-out pattern and creates an ever changing shadow pattern.

i’m still such a fan of brass accents in our living room, as the material adds warmth even when the lights are dimmed or the candles are not lit. i even have a brass-like cookie tin that i like to get out at night or around l’heure du goûter – it makes me feel like we’re part of a wonderful romantic movie – the only thing missing is a fire place. eloise got this super cute teddy chair for her birthday this year, and she’s taken to getting underneath a blanket and leafing through her favorite books. clearly we are raising her well! i’m still having some difficulty switching off my mobile phone and the incessant news feed to truly sink into the couch and relax, but i’ll get there. i have about a dozen new books waiting to be cracked, and i’m hoping a few new series will make it onto netflix, hbo or hulu soon. we just binge-watched love and i also really enjoyed pose, both on netflix. any tips or recommendations, for that matter? and what else do you do to get into that warm, fuzzy, cozy fall mood?

TOM DIXON candleholder gifted by my partner misterdesign.be • as usual – all opinions, stories and photos are my own


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