every once in a while i get really, really excited about a brand, because it seems like the founders creeped into my brain and created something that is 100% what i need in my life. that happened when i discovered KINFILL, a dutch sustainable home care brand. it popped into my instagram feed and immediately attracted my attention with its beautiful branding. when i clicked through to their gorgeous feed and started reading what they do, i remember thinking “why hasn’t anyone else thought of this before?”

and it’s very likely, of course, that someone else already has – but like so many initiatives in the sustainability niche, they are often either unattractive or ridiculously expensive. i am all for taking better care of our planet, but i don’t want to sacrifice my style or completely break the bank in the process. switching from regular supermarket brands – in plastic bottles and often with harsh chemicals – to kinfill is a relatively small investment to get started, but after that it’s barely more expensive than regular household brands.

the first time, you buy your ‘forever bottle’, which is made from glass with a silicone tray attached. the bottle comes beautifully packaged, but completely empty. the way kinfill works is by selling the active cleaning agents separately from the water in which they are supposed to be mixed to create the cleaning product. doing away with the transportation of something that is essentially readily available (and practically free) in your home, enables them to sell only what you need in much smaller packaging and get rid of single-use plastic entirely. the cleaning extracts are furthermore vegan, animal-cruelty free and 100% biodegradable.

when we traveled to amsterdam this summer, i decided to order their multi-surface cleaner because it seemed like a good starting point to test their products. obviously i don’t need to tell you how much i love the packaging – just look at how beautiful everything looks, down to the very smallest details. i love that i can put this bottle on display (the green matches our decor perfectly) so it’s always within reach whenever the girls have made a mess at our dining table (all day long).

after using it for a couple of days now, i have to say the strongest advantage is the aromatic fragrance (i went for the lavender scent). i don’t know about you, but i strrrrrrongly dislike those typical synthetic cleaning fragrances that have stupid names like ‘spring blossom’ and end up smelling like a toilet freshener. as for its cleaning power – it definitely does its job, though i feel like i need to use a little more than i’m used to – but that’s a trade-off i’ll happily make.

hindsight is 20/20 of course, but i really regret not buying their FULL-HOUSE COLLECTION, which is the most affordable way to get all their products at once. it includes the multi-surface spray, a glass and mirror spray, a tub and tile spray and a bottle for floor product. if you buy all of those separately they’re 24,95 euros each, but the complete collection comes in just under 60 euros. i think it would make such an amazing house warming gift, don’t you agree?

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