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stephanie duval was born and raised in antwerp, currently lives in switzerland and is always dreaming of new york. a frequent traveler card and camera glued to her hand, she loves to explore as many new places as possible. besides traveling, stephanie loves to read, eat, drink coffee and create a beautiful, warm and loving home with her husband and nearly three year old daughter. they are all hugely looking forward to welcoming a new baby in april 2018.

after graduating, stephanie quickly rose through the ranks of fashion and lifestyle journalism, from intern and freelancer at elle magazine to contributing editor of l’officiel and editor-in-chief of label and aphrodite magazine. she authored a book on professional blogging – HOW BLOGS WORK and worked as a branding and content marketing consultant for several companies in the domains of fashion, design, lifestyle and travel. together with friend and business partner nele pieters, stephanie launched community marketing agency RPPRT in 2015, and THEIR BOOK ABOUT COMMUNITY MARKETING will come out in spring 2018. a full professional resume can be found HERE.
70percentpure was launched in 2009 as a platform for stephanie’s writing and photography. the blog is centered around style, design and quality in every aspect of life, and all subjects are approached from a very personal point of view. in 2012, 2013 and 2015 70percentpure was nominated for the belgian WEEKEND BLOG AWARDS, earning a place in the top three of the design and personal categories. in 2014 70percentpure took home the first prize in the personal blog category. a full overview of stephanie’s online presence can be found RIGHT HERE.

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my name is stephanie duval, and i am a storyteller. this blog is where i share my favorite stories about design, travel, fashion and the nice things in life.


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