Belgian Wines In Antwerp

October 20, 2015 • AntwerpFoodTravel

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last august i was happy i could find some time to swing by the newly opened wine bar BELGIAN WINES for two reasons. one, whatever JENS DE MAERE is doing these days, has my full attention. i met him while we were both ambassadors for the bordeaux wine region (remember THIS DINNER and THIS DINNER?) but he’d been running a pretty successful business since long before, bringing belgian wines to the attention of oenophiles around the world. i pretty much blindly trust his opinion on wines, but make sure to check out HIS BLOG for food and travel inspiration, too.

reason number two for my eagerness to discover the bar up close, was the fact that it was designed and created by maša and jon from KLEIN AGENCY. i met this lovely slovenian-californian couple – who came to antwerp by way of berlin and brussels – when i interviewed them about their design studio LMBRJK for KWINTESSENS magazine. over the past few years, i’ve bumped into them on several occasions, and i was always curious to get an update on what they were doing – from opening up their private dinner club (best food i’ve ever had in antwerp) to them getting married in california. they are easily some of the coolest and kindest people i know, and whatever they do, they do with such style and creativity that i’d get jealous if i wasn’t too busy being happy for them. long story short – they designed the interior of the belgian wines bar and it’s supremely beautiful.

after taking some snaps before opening hours, jens sent me home with a bottle of one of his favorite belgian wines (ALDENEYCK from maaseik) and ever since opening it up, i can’t wait to return for the full experience some time soon. see you there?

photos by stephanie duval

Mirlo’s In Antwerp

July 30, 2015 • AntwerpCoffeeTravel

Mirlo's coffee bar in Antwerp Mirlo's coffee bar in Antwerp Mirlo's coffee bar in Antwerp Mirlo's coffee bar in Antwerp Mirlo's coffee bar in Antwerp Mirlo's coffee bar in Antwerp Mirlo's coffee bar in Antwerp Mirlo's coffee bar in Antwerp

i’m always on the look-out to discover new places in my hometown antwerp, so when i saw pretty pastel pictures popping up of MIRLO’S, i put it on my to-do list. those lists tend to get super long before i ever get to check any item off, because traveling with a little baby will do that to your life. but this place was easy enough to visit with little juliet in tow – the pretty bathroom even had a changing table and everything.

i’m pretty sure juliet also didn’t mind spending some time here on a sunday thanks to the pretty pink walls everywhere. i myself was taken by the nice selection of goodies on sale, the mint-colored smeg behind the counter and the beautiful cups of coffee that were served. i love that this place serves a full-on breakfast ànd good coffee – a combination you don’t see too often. so i’m definitely going back here, with or without baby daughter.

photos by stephanie duval


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