Oliver And The Black Circus

November 2, 2012 • CopenhagenFoodTravel

hands down the best meal i’ve had all of this past summer, was the one at oliver and the black circus. i had booked a reservation when the restaurant was still called mums (and confusingly, a lot of people keep referring to it under that name), so i was surprised to find that the restaurant had undergone a bit of a transformation and had soft launched as oliver and the black circus. a rose by any other name, though – because the food was every bit as spectacular as i expected from reading the reviews beforehand. everything on the menu was very light, very modern, very into veggies – this chef has got it going on. we even ordered another course during our dinner because we didn’t want the experience to stop. the interior is nice, too – but it was too dark for iphone pictures, unfortunately. be sure to visit the bathroom though – it’s pretty, um, interesting.

Cafe Granola

October 24, 2012 • CopenhagenFoodTravel

next time i’m in copenhagen, i’m taking my time for brunch or lunch at café granola (vaernedamsvej 5, no website). i only had time for a quick coffee when i was there, but i loved the retro interior. the owner also runs central hotel & café around the corner, the smallest coffee bar i’ve ever seen – and also most certainly the quirkiest. i’ve heard the place actually is a hotel – it has one room upstairs. now that’s an experience on top of my wishlist. and if you’re going to wander around in these streets, take a minute to admire the fresh herbs and lovely flowers at blomsterskuret, too.


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