Le Baigneur At Comptoir Des Objets

November 6, 2015 • CollabDesignLife

Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets Le Baigneur at Comptoir des Objets

my poor husband. he didn’t ask to become the plus one to a blogger, but he’s such a good sport about it. one day he’s my photographer, the next he is my editor. he accompanies me on trips to cities (which he loves) and boutiques (which he likes a whole lot less). he sits quietly when i ask him not to touch anything on the table because i need to take picture, and he doesn’t complain when three out of four rooms in our house are a huge mess because i’m styling a few photoshoots. he understands that this blog is an important part of my life, and he respects the energy, time and love i put into this project.

he’s on a first name basis with our postman, who frequently delivers packages with goodies for me to create content with. and yet, almost none of the packages have anything in them for my sweet, understanding, patient husband. not cool, susanne of COMPTOIR DES OBJETS jokingly told me. and then she added a little care package for the man in my life to our collaboration. she figured – if steph will enjoy those deliciously scented cleaning products from COMMON GOOD, perhaps matti will appreciate the fresh and masculine scent of the LE BAIGNEUR soap set you can see pictured above.

well, she was right of course, but she probably also knew that i would fall madly in love with le baigneur’s branding and packaging. so when this particular parcel was delivered, matti was psyched that it was meant for him, and then i went and told him he couldn’t touch anything before i had taken an appropriate amount of pictures. that’s how horrible a wife i am. all jokes aside – these soaps are not just ridiculously goodlooking – they smell divine, too. we’re using one of them sparingly (yes, we – i love masculine scents in the bathroom) and leaving the others lying around the guest room because they spread such a lovely scent.

photos by stephanie duval

Wood And Plastic

October 1, 2015 • CollabDesignInterior

DESIGN-Designerbox-Bliss-Concept-1 DESIGN-Designerbox-Bliss-Concept-10 DESIGN-Designerbox-Bliss-Concept-8 DESIGN-Designerbox-Bliss-Concept-5 DESIGN-Designerbox-Bliss-Concept-9 DESIGN-Designerbox-Bliss-Concept-7 DESIGN-Designerbox-Bliss-Concept-6

earlier this year i was contacted by french company DESIGNERBOX, a subscription service that delivers wooden boxes filled with unique and surprising design objects. asked whether i’d like to see one of their boxes up close, i told them i fell in love with the cute little wooden animals created by outofstock for DESIGNERBOX #4.

they’re cute, of course, but they’re also functional – i mostly keep them ON MY DESK, where they hold pencils, business cards and whatnot. but occasionally they’ll move around the house with me. i swear if i ever want a career change, i’ll take up visual merchandising. my husband rolls his eyes whenever i start redecorating a part of our house, and he doesn’t get why i have so much ‘stuff’ without any obvious functional use. ah, men.

in any case i enjoy creating these little tableaux, and recently i finally found a good spot for the pretty plastic tri boxes gifted to me by lovely aurelie of BLISS CONCEPT STORE. she launched her online business almost a year ago, and in the meantime has organized quite a few pop-up shops in belgium that always attract the loveliest crowd that is into minimal and scandinavian design. she has an amazing selection of homewares, cool stuff for kids and pretty things for mamas.

i admit at first i neglected the tri boxes by mint rhapsody a little bit, because i was at a loss where to hang them against the wall. such a finite decision right? to drill holes and to commit to that one place? in the end i just started doing what i do with most of our homewares – i started moving them around and found out i loved displaying pretty little plants or knick knacks in them. full disclosure – that cute little touch-me-not plant lived for approximately 48 hours. if anyone anywhere ever had a black thumb, that’d be me.

some good news to end with though – because bliss concept is letting me give away one set of tri boxes over on instagram! you just need to follow 70PERCENTSTEPH and BLISS.CONCEPT on there and post a photo of the spot in your home where you’d hang or place the tri boxes, accompanied by the hashtag #70percentbliss. easy, right? i’m so curious to see all of your lovely nooks and corners on ig! you can participate until wednesday october 7 midnight, and a winner will be picked and announced on thursday october 8. good luck y’all!

wooden animal figures designed by outofstock for DESIGNERBOX // tri boxes from mint rhapsody from BLISS CONCEPT // m poster from PLAYTYPE // cups spelling j u l i e t by TYPE HYPE // lamp from SERAX // photos by stephanie duval


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