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a new layout suddenly didn’t seem like enough anymore. i wanted a fresh start, a new beginning. 70percentpure turns five in september 2014, and i’m celebrating by moving to this self-hosted domain with a brand new set-up, layout and logo. if you wish to do so, you can bookmark my blog at WWW.70PERCENTPURE.BE to be directed to the new version. all my old posts have been transferred here, too – so you’ll find all the travel and design tips you’ve become used to.

firstly i’d like to thank MATTHIAS DECKX for helping me through the entire process, and designing the nicest home i could possibly imagine for my blog. he’s not only a genius designer, but a sweetheart to boot. i highly recommend his services. but perhaps more importantly, i’d like to thank all of my dear, sweet, engaging, intelligent and funny readers, who have increasingly reached out to me over the past few years, and who have invariably enriched my life with helpful tips, encouraging comments, silly stories and happy encounters.

i’ve taken a bit of a break over the summer, and i admit i feel a lot better in a slower blogging rhythm these days – but you can rest assured that i still love this place (and the new one) more than ever, and i’m looking forward to another five years of sharing my favorite stories with you. i hope you’ll follow along, so see you around!

i am so in love with these photos by WARD ROBERTS, i can’t even begin to describe how they make me feel. the geometrics make my ocd heart beat just a little bit faster, the muted pastel colors are perfection, and the emptiness of the courts makes my imagination run wild. the sight of these images is unleashing this sense of wanderlust in me, but also some form of creativity that i find hard to put my finger on. like i don’t know what to do with it yet, but i’m very sure i have to do something. do you ever get that feeling? it’s the best and the worst all in one.

photos by WARD ROBERTS


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