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September 18, 2013 • Les BelgesStyle

brussels-based gregory de harlez just launched his brand new belgian company escuyer, and if i’m not literally his number one fan, then at least i’m among the first few dozen. and i’m not even the brand’s target group.

escuyer is an underwear label that does things a little differently. it offers socks, tees and boxers via a subscription service, so its customers don’t have to run to the store every few months for new stock. and it approaches its communication from a fresh and interesting prespective – presenting an inspiring tumblr, enlisting belgian artist isabelle de borchgrave to paint on models and asking brussels design studio modern practice to come up with a fascinating and aesthetically pleasing logo.

and if that is not enough reason to go forth and buy their underwear, i think the goods all look pretty hot, too.

photos from escuyer

Beyonderground Bookazine

August 22, 2013 • CultureLes Belges

you may remember i collaborated on belgium’s very first graphic design festival earlier this year, but i never showed you what the bookazine that i edited turned out to look like. obviously, since it was designed by my friends pablo & manon of hectica, it looks ah-ma-zing.

i interviewed every artist who participated in the festival, asking them the weirdest questions i could come up with, and of course getting random, wonderful and freakishly absurd answers in return. it’s all very fun to read, i promise you.

you can still get your hands on a copy at alley in hasselt or by sending an email to the beyondergrounders. for now, they are looking back on their first edition via their facebook page, counting down until their big announcement for the future in september. check them out!


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