The Wedding // Branding Details

February 25, 2014 • DesignLoveWedding

i almost completely forgot about this post because i meant to take new pictures of our invitations and all the stuff i made and branded for the wedding, but you know how it goes. until i find the time and the energy to locate all the items and produce a proper shoot, these snapshots will have to do. they were taken on our private patio at hotel aire de bardenas, so while they may not be the sharpest photos, they do justice to the look and feel of our wedding.

i should start out by saying that our friends manon and pablo from design studio hectica are the best ever. when i asked them to design the invitations for our wedding, all i had was a vague idea – i wanted to go monochrome with a splash of gold, and i wanted to use the photobooth pictures matthias and i have taken of ourselves over the years. manon and pablo came back with the idea of a folded poster and two cards with hand drawn circles and triangles – and we couldn’t have loved it more. our parents all framed the poster, and some friends still have it pinned against their fridge or pinboard. i just love the idea of an invitation that lives on beyond the event.

manon and pablo also developed a logo for our wedding, incorporating a phrase i’d seen on pinterest and loved. i had a stamp made out of two variations on the logo, and i stamped it all over the goodie bags, invitations, menus and basically everything at the wedding that could be stamped. i also used them on our wedding site, which collected all the practical information for our guests.

i really wanted to do a goodie bag as a token of appreciation for everyone who made the huge trek out to the spanish desert to be at our wedding. i planted the ‘survival kits’ in our guests’ hotel rooms as a little surprise, and they were a huge hit. they took me ages to prepare and assemble, but the reactions were so worth it. my friends at kiehl’s were kind enough to sponsor a toiletry kit for every room with my favorite products and hema donated a small tube of sunscreen. i also included toblerone chocolates (typically swiss, so a wink to our current hometown), mini tic tacs, which are matthias’ favorite mints, and mini rolls of king mints, which are my favorites. i spent hours and hours and hours making custom sewing kits, with threads in the colors of our wedding. we also threw in some tissues, our favorite pain killers for the morning after, and i made door hangers for those who wanted to sleep in.

i got the recycled paper i used for the door hangers, the program, and those clipboards for the photobooth, candy bar and tattoo parlor for very, very cheap in a supermarket in budapest. it still makes me smile when i think of the kilos of paper i lugged back home in my suitcase after visiting our friends there. they were the ones who planned the ceremony, and they secretly bought some of the paper as well to make us a ceremony book that would match the rest of the wedding. they knew a silly detail like that would make me endlessly happy, and it certainly did.

i have one more post coming up about our wedding – showing a few more details, like our custom napkins and temporary tattoos. if you want to read more about our wedding, check out these posts right here – the details // the i do’s // the outfits // the welcome dinner // the location // some snapshots

The Wedding // The Details

January 15, 2014 • LoveWedding

oh gosh, where to begin? i had so much fun preparing all the little details of our wedding. i started pinning ideas right after we got engaged, and the hard part definitely wasn’t to get inspired, but to narrow down the possibilities and the projects to a reasonable and realistic amount of plans. more than a few ideas went out the window because i didn’t want the added stress they would cause.

in the end, i have nothing but fond memories of working on these projects. a few summer nights i worked on our terrace until there wasn’t enough light anymore to see anything, but i never felt stressed or under pressure, and i really enjoyed getting crafty and creative. luckily, i also got help from a few amazingly talented friends, who in many cases took my initial ideas and lifted them to an entirely other level.

here are some of the little things that made our day truly ‘ours’

i had some help creating those water bottle stickers – pablo and manon from design studio hectica finetuned the design and bas moortgat of mister fiksit printed them so they were ready to apply. i bought the water bottles at a belgian supermarket, tore off the labels and replaced them with our ‘wedding survival juice’ stickers. they were intended to hydrate guests during the ceremony, but they lasted until long after that. it was so much fun seeing people on the dance floor with our bottles in hand. i like to think they prevented at least a few hangovers.

i knew right away i wanted to use the beautiful trees of aire de bardenas’ garden as a backdrop for the ceremony, but i also realized i wanted to spruce them up to make it more festive. zazie and clelia of studio tadam knew exactly what i wanted before i even knew myself. they created these amazing fabric and shiny banners from scratch. we hung them between all five rows of trees, and the wind playing with the ribbons had a magical effect. just take a look at some of the pictures taken during the ceremony!

inside we hung two letter banners i custom ordered from banter banner. i wanted to show my love of letters and typography, and i also wanted to communicate our instagram hashtag in an original way – so one read #stephandmatti. the other, best day ever, was our pinterest-inspired slogan, which was also incorporated in our ‘logo’ and was printed on the invitations (pics to come soon!)

i also managed to get in a few diy’s, though most of them consisted of me spray painting whatever i could get my hands on a beautiful matte gold.  my mom and sister helped me transform dozens of empty bonne maman jam pots into candle holders with golden triangles – they made sure the patio dance area looked super nice. on the table i put cardboard letters spelling out the codes of the airports matti and i have flown to together to designate different seating areas.

i also hand stamped the fabric that was the backdrop of our photo booth – i simply used a potato i cut in triangles and dipped it into textile paint in colors that matched our wedding look. a friend of a friend made us those wooden triangle signs, which i covered in blackboard paint and used to guide our guests to different places around the hotel. next to the photobooth – where we provided an instax mini camera, loads of film and black pens for people to create a memory and leave us a message – i also put up a candy bar with all of our favorite candies – in part for the attending kids, and in part for the kids in all of us.

as for the table decorations, i was lucky enough to be able to collaborate with belgian design company serax, who were kind enough to lend me everything i needed to style our two enormous tables. i opted for a fairly minimal table design, with succulents in cement plant holders and geometric figures stealing the show. and then i literally borrowed hundreds of those beautiful white ceramic tea light holders, which lit up the table with a warm, cosy shine. it was such a nice touch to be able to incorporate my favorite things from serax – some of which were already a part of our home. it made me feel right at home, and the setting felt entirely ‘us’. oh, and those super rad white/gold ombré candle holders near the photobooth? they’re serax, too – and i love those to bits.

this post is looooong enough as it is, so i’ll be sharing a closer look at our invitations, our ‘branding’ and our custom wedding tattoos soon. stay tuned!

all photos (except for number five, twelve, thirteen and fourteen) taken by the wonderful and crazy talented mous lamrabat


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