Bianco Latte

May 16, 2013 • FoodMilanTravel

you haven’t been to milan if you haven’t tried their gelato. last year we tried shockolat – a cremeria specialized in chocolate ice cream flavors. this year we passed by bianco latte and couldn’t resist going in for a taste. i loved the place for its cozy vibes, so if the weather hadn’t been so good, perhaps we would have sat down for actual lunch, too. as for the gelato? it was incredibly good and the scoops were very generous (i love it when they add just a little bit more on top in the end!)

photos by stephanie duval and matthias rabaey

there’s one more thing i wanted to share with you from milan, and it was arguably my favorite thing to discover – the crystal bulb designed by lee broom. a little pricey, sure, and perhaps too baroque for our kinda-minimalist, kinda-modern apartment, but i would love to see a bunch of them hanging over a cool cocktail bar or a communal table at a farm-to-table-restaurant that does things a little differently, to name but a few ideas. you guys, if you see them in the wild, let me know okay?

photos by stephanie duval


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