Lake House Collective

February 21, 2017 • BabyCollabPhotography

after living in geneva for a couple of years, i became convinced that despite its international allure, it really was a tiny, boring town where nothing cool ever really happened, and i’d never find a community of likeminded and creative people there like i have back at home. then i moved twenty minutes away, higher up in the hills and closer to the lake, but for a city girl like me, i could just as well have moved deep into the country side and i basically said goodbye to any kind of social life in switzerland.

then the most wonderful thing happened thanks to this crazy little app called instagram, and i met the wonderful NIENKE MULLER and MARTA VILLACAMPA. i realize how rare it is to meet people that you have an instant connection with, but it sure happened to the three of us. so much did we have in common that halfway our first coffee date we had already made plans to found a little collective for creative projects. each of us felt like we were on an island doing our own thing – marta starting her photography business and blog, nienke launching her interior design career in switzerland and me blogging away whenever i had a spare moment.

the thing is, between having juliet and starting a business, there seemed to be fewer and fewer moments to spend on blogging, and i often lacked the motivation to get behind the camera, shoot and edit photos and then share the stories behind the scenes of my life and the things i love. what i needed was friends who would encourage me to get creative again, and who i could meet up with to create together – enter nienke and marta, and so the story of the lake house collective began.

i already shared A TINY BIT of the first session we had before the holidays, and i’m so happy to finally share the rest of the photos marta took of juliet and i that day. i can’t really put into words how much fun it is to be able to play and laugh with juliet while someone is making sure you’ll have beautiful memories of that time. my husband is the sweetest, and he’s a decent photographer, but i am always directing him, worrying about whether he’ll capture a certain moment in the exact right way. i guess it’s the burden of being married to a blogger-perfectionist (if you’re reading this, i’m sorry matti!) but with marta i was able to let go of that, enjoy juliet showing off her entertaining skills and favorite toys, and just be in the moment.

needless to say, i love how these photos turned out. this is who we really are, messy bum balm accident on the carpet included. but besides lovely memories of a few mother-daughter moments, these photos are also a really nice reminder that it’s possible to find your tribe anywhere in the world, if only you look close enough.

my black shirt by LIVTHELABEL • juliet’s first outfit is CKS + veja sneakers • juliet’s second outfit is a dress from ARSENE ET LES PIPELETTES, cardigan from AYMARA and socks from TOCOTO • my green sweater and grey shirt underneath are from CKS • juliet’s final outfit is from MARMAR my glasses used as props by juliet are from DE WOLF OPTICIENS • all photos by MARTA VILLACAMPA

A Day In Our Lives

December 6, 2015 • BabyCollabPhotography

going through all of the photos KELLY STEENLANDT took of our family that one weekend in august, it seems like spent so much more time with us than those few hours. it might have something to do with juliet’s dozen or so outfit changes though… i just wanted memories of her in all of my favorite little outfits!

kelly let us go about our daily rituals, casually chatting with us while we changed juliet’s diaper, while we fed her bananas or tried to keep her entertained while the other parent was fixing her bottle of milk (girl has my lack of patience for sure). from time to time she’d ask us to spend a little more time on something or do something a little slower than usual to give her more time to capture the moment, but she never directed us or asked us to take awkward poses. i think that is why i like these pictures so, so much – because they show who we really are and what our lives are really like right now.

these pics were all taken on saturday, before the sunset walk we took (of which i shared snapshots right HERE). the last little chapter of this story will be dedicated to sunday morning, when we really tried our very best to have some family shots taken (we failed miserably at posing, kelly succeeded wonderfully in coaxing a few good shots from us). stay tuned for that!

juliet’s wearing a black and white headband from HOUSE OF MIA and polkadot dress from GAP // the three black and white blankets are from MAD ABOUT MINI and HUXBABY // the changing table and cat print swaddle are from BUDTZ&BENDIX // the mint green headband is made by HAPPY LEONIE and juliet’s blue and copper polkadot outfit is from CREWCUTS // the ‘love’ pacifier and military paciholder are from ELODIE DETAILS, the polkadot basket came from STUDIOAIMEE and the polkadot bunny is from JELLYCAT (are you noticing the polkadot theme yet?) // the mint green bib is the cutest and is also from ELODIE DETAILS // the sofa is moroso’s gentry model and came from MASTER MEUBEL, including the blue braided cushion // the black and white J cushion is from TYPE HYPE // juliet’s mustard yellow headband is from HAPPY LEONIE and her mint green outfit from BONNET A POMPON // the weatherproof cushion she’s lounging on is by INTO THE FOLD // the fruit bowls are by SERAX // all photos by KELLY STEENLANDT


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