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November 30, 2015 • BabyCollabPhotography

before 2015, i thought it was so normal to photograph every little moment in my life that seemed worth remembering. looking back, i appreciate how much easier it was for me to ‘stop and smell the roses,’ before i had a daughter and a brand new business to attend to. i realize i didn’t go the easy way by founding a company (i’m dying to tell you more, but that’ll have to wait a little while longer) and having a baby in the time span of a few months. it’s been one hell of a year, and sadly that has made it difficult to make time to enjoy every little phase of juliet becoming a part of our lives.

so that’s why last summer i decided i simply had to create time, and my talented friend KELLY STEENLANDT generously decided to help me out. she flew over to switzerland to spend a weekend at our home and photograph our daily life with juliet, to allow us to simply enjoy some time together without having to worry about taking pictures ourselves. kelly spent the night, had dinner with us, was there when we gave juliet a bath, while my husband prepared dinner, when we took a walk in our neighborhood. we didn’t do anything special or out of the ordinary, and kelly felt like she was a member of our family with the added bonus of being a great photographer who recorded our every move. in short – it was the. best.

i have looked forward to sharing these photos for such a long time – but you may have noticed my blogging frequency has taken a bit of a hit. in any case i decided to divide the photos in a few chapters, so as to give you guys a look into our lives in switzerland. the first chapter is the walk we took around sunset. it’s become our favorite walk in our little village, thanks to the beautiful vistas over the lake, the alps and the vineyards against the swiss jura. it actually only occurred to us how beautiful it is where we live, first when we took kelly along for the walk, and then when we saw the photos she took not only of us, but of our neighborhood, too. funny how quickly you get used to things, right?

i will be sharing more photos of kelly’s visit to switzerland soon, but in the meantim – if you’re looking for an amazingly talented, sweet and gentle photographer to capture your family or special occasion… look no further, because kelly is your gal. i honestly could not recommend her more strongly (and juliet loves her, too!) to find out more about kelly and her photography, check out her FACEBOOK page and beautiful BLOG.

juliet’s wearing an outfit by LOUP and headband from HAPPY LEONIE // the stroller is the BUGABOO cameleon and the diper bag is from JOSEFINA // all photos by KELLY STEENLANDT


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