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January 11, 2015 • ReadingTravelWork

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i’m not gonna lie – i do sometimes worry about how a baby is going to affect my wanderlust and travel-obsessed life. i’m sure i won’t mind staying a little closer to home the first few weeks, but then what? as if the universe somehow felt my panic, it responded by reassuring me – travel is always going to be a part of who i am and what i do. in december of last year i had a couple of meetings that ensured my enduring professional interest in countries and cities far far away. my collaboration with belgian travel company CONNECTIONS was renewed and is taking on increasingly exciting dimensions which i’m absolutely thrilled about. and secondly, as i already alluded to ON INSTAGRAM, i started a new and very cool collaboration with american travel platform CNTRAVELER.COM. from now on i’ll be one of their regular travel contributors – you can check out the articles i already wrote for them right HERE.

and when professional activities aren’t enough to satisfy my hunger for foreign inspiration, i’ll always have REMOTE, the wonderful book written by my colleague bloggers, writers, photographers and journalists debbie pappyn and david de vleesschauwer of CLASSE TOURISTE. they published their first travel-inspired tome with the same publishing company of my own firstborn book, LANNOO. and ladies and gentlemen, it’s a beauty. heavily inspired by the class and style of my favorite magazine monocle, it is both an object and a book. i love it just as much when it’s lying on the couch or kitchen table, as when i’m flipping through it, admiring the high-quality photos and reading the duo’s personal stories about visiting the most remote places in the world.

photos by stephanie duval

people often ask me where i find all these places that i travel to. obviously i spend a lot of time online researching destinations for work and reading my favorite travel blogs. but i also try to make time for inspiring magazines such as CEREAL and MONOCLE, which always have the best tips. last but not least, every once in a while, there will be a guide or a book that catches my eye in the store. even before i open the cover, i know that it will make me dream of booking a flight and escaping to a wonderful place. taschen’s 100 GETAWAYS is such a title.

lately i’ve been finding myself in the mood for a different kind of travel experience. i still get super excited thinking about the city trips on my schedule, but after years of flying around europe and driving across the states, from one cool city to the next, i feel like i’m ready to finally book a trip that entails nothing but lying back and relaxing. so when taschen was kind enough to send me the 100 getaways tome, i sat on the couch for hours leafing through the two books, imagining where i would go if i could go anywhere in the world.

ultimately, i decided on this gorgeous resort in the heart of norway, called JUVET. it has everything i’d need to deconnect from the real world and enjoy some quiet time – breathtaking views and a divine spa, modern architecture and impeccable style. i can easily imagine myself spending a few days there, catching my breath after a busy period or refueling before tackling the upcoming projects in my life. but then again, i can’t even imagine traveling all the way to norway and then not tacking on a few days in oslo as well. hey, it’s about finding your balance, right?

top photo by stephanie duval // photos of the hotel via JUVET


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