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Babymooning In Megève

March 2, 2015 • FoodThe AlpsTravelWellness

Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève Babymooning in Megève

when we decided to take a spur-of-the-moment trip to NEW YORK in december last year, we thought this would be our babymoon. you know, the last romantic getaway just the two us, to the city we both love so dearly and where we have so many happy memories together. and though it was an awesome trip, a babymoon it was certainly not. i’m trying to remember what i was thinking when i went ‘hey, running around new york at six months pregnant, that sounds like a relaxing thing to do!’

so when we got back to switzerland after the holidays, we were happy to count down to a mini vacation in our favorite alpine village megève. if you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know that we love to go skiing there (read about it HERE and HERE). but since it’s so close, we always end up driving up and down for the day, never taking the time to explore the village or stay in one of the many beautiful hotels there.

in january we obviously couldn’t go skiing with my seven-month baby bump, so our weekend in megève was dedicated to all the other fun things you can experience there. we explored a beautiful (i’m talking gorgeous!) hotel that i will soon show more of on here, took a sleigh ride into the hills, dined at fantastic restaurants and enjoyed quality time in some beautiful spas. and window shopping, let’s not forget about the window shopping. every french luxury label is for sale somewhere in town – whether at their own flagship boutique or in one of the little multibrands – though my favorite shop has to be the LEICA CT GALLERY.

our other favorites? the lobster roll at LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES, the beautiful christmas tree in the market square, the gorgeous carroussel set up next to it by newcomer to the town LA DUREE, the massages at CINQ MONDES and LES FERMES DE MARIE and the unforgettable lunch at michelin starred restaurant LE 1920. the restaurant may look a bit old-fashioned (there’s very little modern design to be found in the alps, i’ve noticed), but the chef there is young, inventive and creative. it was the best meal we’ve had in months.

i’ve never in my life felt so pampered and relaxed as after those two days in megève, and we haven’t even discovered half of what the town has to offer. there are tons of spas i still have on my must-try list (the beautiful one that looks like an igloo in the pictures above is the PURE ALTITUDE spa at HOTEL MONT BLANC, and i’d love to stretch out on one of those beds!)

if you’d like more tips on what to see, do and eat in megève, check out the article i wrote for CNTRAVELER.COM. photos by matthias rabaey and stephanie duval


April 1, 2013 • FoodThe AlpsTravel

a long, loooooong winter is not so bad. we took off to the italian alps last week, where we had a blast skiing on the best snow we’ve seen in years. we took the opportunity to indulge in some italian comfort food and had dinner at 2230m at la société (thanks for the tip on instagram, @sanjakarreman). we might not have left pila with a tan, but it was a relaxing weekend in beautiful surroundings.

that said – sun, i’m so ready for you now.

photos by stephanie duval 


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