Es Moli De Sal

September 24, 2013 • Food and DrinkFormenteraIbizaTravel

okay, again not technically ibiza – but don’t you dare go to ibiza and then neglect to have dinner at es moli de sal on formentera! it is honestly one of my favorite restaurants in the entire world right now (gwynnett st. in williamsburg, cookies cream in berlin and benoit de witte in belgium are my other loves).

the food was amazing, obviously. but so was everything else. the view – i mean, come on. the patio – i wanted to live there. the service – we met the friendliest waitress in the history of waitressing, and i think we went back twice partly because of her. and we dreamed about getting the water taxi to our yacht afterwards, but we settled for a pretty great cocktail (i had a sea salt gin and tonic that was pink and kinda blew my mind).

photos by stephanie duval

Blue Bar

September 9, 2013 • Food and DrinkFormenteraIbizaTravel

blue bar was the very first place we went to once we set foot on formentera. as we took a very early ferry boat over from ibiza, the place hadn’t even opened up yet. we did manage to put our name down for lunch, and headed out to the beach for a little while. the beaches near blue bar are amazing – the water is so, so beautiful and the vibe is much more relaxed and easy going than in ibiza’s hot spots.

i had a coffee with the best view ever, and afterwards we headed back to blue bar (following that wooden trail in the first picture) for lunch. it was everything we needed and hoped for. casual, slightly hippie-ish with a great view on the water, good food and honest prices. as we were having an apéritif in the shade, i think we all didn’t want to move a muscle ever again.

yes i know – blue bar is not technically on ibiza. but i can’t stress enough that formentera is the place you want to hang out by day when you’re traveling to ibiza.

photos by stephanie duval


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