earlier i shared some beautiful photos from KIM AND GREG’S WEDDING AT MASSERIA MOROSETA, taken by their photographer. but the weekend and location were so beautiful, my camera was practically glued to my hand whenever i wasn’t prepping for their ceremony. so i wanted to share some of my own snapshots of the bed & breakfast in puglia that took pinterest and instagram by storm last year.

it was just the perfect wedding location, but i can totally imagine spending a relaxing holiday here, too. there are only six rooms and the b&b attracts a mature, design-loving crowd, so it’s sure to be a nice and quiet stay that has you ‘gramming around the clock. breakfast is abundant and amazing – prepared fresh every morning and full of tasty, healthy options. the rooms are all decorated differently, but all equally tastefully. there’s a kind of rough-around-the-edges vibe everywhere, balanced with just the right amount of comfort and luxury.

we definitely want to go back some day – but i admit it will never be the same as kim and greg’s wedding weekend. they added so many personal little touches to the decorations that made all the difference, and of course it was pretty incredible sharing the most beautiful experience in their lives so far.

photos by stephanie duval

spring is finally in the air, and it’s making me look forward to all the trips we have planned for the coming months – our first holidays as a family of four. it’s also making me realize how different it will be compared to last year, and it’s making me more than a little nostalgic for one particular experience that we’ll never forget. on june 24, 2017, our dear friends kim and greg got married at MASSERIA MOROSETA in puglia, and matti and i not only had the honor to be invited to celebrate with them – we also officiated their ceremony.

i met kim years ago in a professional context, but it’s safe to say we became really good friends really fast. i’ve mentioned this before – as i SHOWED YOU AROUND THE BEAUTIFUL APARTMENT she shares with her now-husband greg. kim and i share a similar sense of style and appreciation for the good and beautiful things in life, and our husbands share a love for food, wine and silly jokes. it’s rare that you meet a couple that you both connect with so well, and i’m guessing that’s one of the reasons why they asked us to officiate their wedding ceremony. we felt so honored to play such an important and integral part in such a special occasion in their lives, and it truly was an incredible experience for us.

it helped that they chose the perfect setting at MASSERIA MOROSETA (only the hottest newcomer on the hospitality scene of 2017) and had an absolutely perfect eye for detail in everything from the wedding decorations to the table setting. everything was pure and simple and elegant at the same time – including the bride and groom themselves. those olive branches and white candles… and then there was that dress! from the minute we arrived, we enjoyed it all so much – and we really feel like we grew even closer to kim and greg during their special weekend, as we got to know their closest family and friends and spent so much quality time with all of them.

i could probably write a book about that weekend – about all the little details and the things i’ll remember forever, but i’ll leave you with these gorgeous photos from their photographer IVAN LASTORINA. needless to say, the one in which we are all smiles with the newly wedded couple is my absolute favorite! if you’d like to see more snapshots from behind the scenes, i recommend checking out their hashtag #KIMPLUSGREG on instagram, and in THE NEXT BLOG POST i am sharing the favorite photos that i took myself during that weekend, which also show how gorgeous masseria moroseta really is.



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