as summer is winding down (i know, i know, i can hardly believe it either) i keep scrolling through the many photos of our different trips, and i have to admit our family holiday on mallorca is one of my absolute favorites of the past few years. the weather was perfect (sunny but not too hot); the food we cooked and grilled each night was so fresh and delicious; and the time we spent with our family was priceless. but i have to say – if the house we rented hadn’t been so utterly beautiful, it wouldn’t have been the same.

we rented can pelut in pollença via BALEARIC VILLAS, and believe me when i say it is even more gorgeous in real life than in the photos. it is the perfect combination of local natural materials and a sleek contemporary style, and everything is perfect down to the tiniest little detail. the swimming pool is something out of a hollywood movie, while the patio with its pretty lights is like an outdoor living room – warm and cozy.

i also loved the kitchen, which is spacious and holds everything you need to cook up lunch and dinner every day, and the bathrooms, which are utterly gorgeous. i devoted a little blog post over on ROOMIN.BE about including a bit of me-time even when on family holiday and spoiler alert – it involves a lot of hiding out in the bathroom. though i gotta say i also spent some lovely moments with juliet in there – who is getting more and more interested in the ways i take care of her and myself. she loves to use all the same tools as mom and also wants to apply all my kiehl’s goodies on her skin – luckily a lot of them are without parabens or other nasties, so they’re entirely safe for her to dab onto her knees (her favorite place to apply eye cream… go figure.)

looking back at these photos i miss it all so much – so is it too early to start planning next spring’s holiday?

juliet is wearing MINIMALISMA in all the photos • my white knitted poncho is from PLUTO ON THE MOON • hair brush from DELPHIN & EMERENCE, wood tooth brushes from HUMBLEBRUSH • most of the beauty products seen are from KIEHL’S, but do check out PHYTOSUN‘s essential oils and easyplug diffuser (it’s really so easy) and WATER WIPES (so handy – not just for your little one, but because it only holds water it’s also perfect to use on your own face or hands when you need to refresh them) • all photos by stephanie duval and matthias rabaey

after heading to ibiza in october two years in a row, we decided to change things up a little bit this year. we booked a family holiday with my parents on the island of mallorca for the end of may. we found the perfect house via BALEARIC VILLAS. it is spacious but cozy, modern but charming, and drop-dead-gorgeous from every little nook to every little cranny.

i fell deeply in love with this house, its gorgeous garden and swimming pool and its outdoor kitchen and dinner area. i’ll be sharing some more photos from the inside of the house in another post, but for now i already wanted to share some of my favorite snapshots from our family trip.

a week was too short, but otherwise this vacation came pretty close to being absolutely perfect. i started my mornings taking my coffee by the pool, we ate grilled vegetables from the bbq every day, juliet rarely came out of the swimming pool and we barely left the property except to go buy fresh food. i read two whole books (shanthi sekaran’s LUCKY BOY and emma cline’s THE GIRLS), took naps in the shade of those beautiful sun umbrellas and had more aperitivos than is probably healthy or normal for any human being.

mallorca has really great weather in may and june, so it’s the perfect destination if you want to get a head start on summer. i also found the few places where we went outside of our house so charming and beautiful… i’ll share some photos from our trip to palma and pollença later, too. i did regret not exploring more of the island on our first visit there, but that’s a good reason to return soon. i hear there are so many cute little mountain villages that are worth visiting, if only for the many places producing and selling gorgeous ceramics.

it felt good to travel to a place that is not as hyped or buzzing as ibiza, though we did miss those typical ibizean vibes that make you feel so welcome and relaxed from the minute you step off the plane. our flight to mallorca was a lot busier, as were the airport and mallorca’s bigger towns and roads. it’s a much bigger island and you can feel that. it’s a bit harder to find the places where you can feel like a local. i also think may is a busier month than october (when we used to go to ibiza) so we definitely were not the only ones there. if you like that kind of peace and quiet, it’s probably a good idea to go either a bit earlier or a lot later in the year.

in any case i can’t wait to start planning our next trip there, so i’m calling on all mallorca connoisseurs and lovers. what are your favorite places on the island? we really needed some down time during this trip, so we barely did any research beforehand, but for our next adventure i’d love to make a loooooong to-do list.

we stayed at the CAN PELUT property available for rent via BALEARIC VILLAS • juliet is wearing MINIMALISMA in all the photos • my aztec-inspired top and dress are from PLUTO ON THE MOON • all photos by stephanie duval and matthias rabaey


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