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August 3, 2015 • MiamiTravel

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one place i always recommend to anyone planning a trip to miami, is THE FREEHAND HOSTEL. perhaps it’s not for everyone accommodation-wise – the place is rowdy with young hipsters – but you should definitely go there at least once to have drinks in the lovely garden at THE BROKEN SHAKER.

to be fair, the private rooms here look absolutely amazing and nothing like you’d expect from a ‘hostel’, so don’t write the hotel off just yet. if you like being surrounded by hip folk, you’ll probably love it here. and there has to be a reason why the freehand has opened up a location in chicago since our last visit, and is planning to open one in los angeles, too. i admit the design of the places alone is a reason why i’d want to stay there at least once in my life.

photos by stephanie duval and matthias rabaey first published in the CONNECTIONS miami guide. check it out HERE to discover more of my tips.

i still have so many more travel memories to share with you, and with summer finally here, i figured now is as good a time as any to resume regular programming here on the blog! the trip i’m most enjoying looking back on, is the one we took to miami. it was about six weeks after we got back from our honeymoon, so we were still on cloud number nine. to arrive at EDEN ROC was as if our honeymoon had never ended.

the hotel is a lot different from what we usually prefer – small, cute, boutique hotels with a maximum of maybe thirty rooms. in comparison, eden roc is like a village, with hundreds of rooms, a gigantic restaurant, four different pools and its own private beach. but because we arrived there right before the height of their touristic season, the hotel wasn’t fully booked, and we sometimes felt like we had it entirely to ourselves. we loved our beautiful room, with its ocean view and larger-than-life bed. we loved the restaurant, with its vast breakfast buffet (seriously, they think of everything!). but above all, we loved the spa.

let me tell you about this spa, you guys. it might have been one of the most beautiful i’ve ever been to. every room is so pure and white, and the decorations are quirky and sleek at the same time (that horse!) from the chill-out area (with view of the ocean, of course) to the bathrooms (with delicious elle-branded products) – every space i entered, i never wanted to leave. we had a delightful relaxing massage, but unfortunately didn’t have a lot of time to discover the saunas, hammams and other amenities – so that’s definitely a reason for us to think about going back there.

staying at eden roc certainly made our first visit to miami so enjoyable. we felt pampered from the minute we walked in to the very last second of our stay, so in that sense it has been one of our favorite hotel stays ever. if you’re planning to experience miami to the fullest, i really recommend this place – it has the perfect location (you do need a car to get to downtown miami though), and it has the perfect vibe.

photos by stephanie duval and matthias rabaey first published in the CONNECTIONS miami guide. check it out HERE to discover more of my tips.


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