my husband will never let me hear the end of it – it was him, not me, who discovered the amazing gem of a hotel for our easter getaway. while looking up family-friendly destinations in the south of france – combining nature with a good dose of comfort for the ultimate weekend of lazy relaxation – he came across CHATEAU ST PIERRE DE SERJAC. renovated in 2016, the domain looked incredible right from the very first photos he forwarded me, and it didn’t take long before we were anxiously awaiting a reply to our mail inquiring about availability. lucky for us, easter break is a bit too early for mass tourism, and we were able to book our first choice – a little house with a private garden and pool.

i feel like i can’t even begin to describe how perfect this place was, but i’ll try anyway. the genius of renting a little house on a hotel property is that you can feel as comfortable as (or more than) at home, but you still get to enjoy the perks of hotel services. while our private garden was perfect for breakfasts al fresco, cozy barbecue dinners and catching up on some reading while juliet took her daily naps, the big communal (and heated!) pool was perfect to keep juliet entertained whenever the sun came out.

we mostly enjoyed the privacy of our own little home-away-from-home, but did take advantage of the really good restaurant. while the kitchen in our house was as well-equipped and spacious as we’re used to, on the first night we didn’t really feel like tiring ourselves out. we so enjoyed the dinner we had at the restaurant that night, that we decided to order the same dishes in for the last night, and we enjoyed them by our fire place as we saw the sun set.

that’s right – bbq, wood stove, fully equipped kitchen, garden and terrace with views on the nearby vineyards… there was no reason whatsoever for us to leave the little house, let alone the domain. apparently in summer they organise all kinds of kiddie-proof activities to keep your offspring occupied so you can truly enjoy some down time, and so obviously i want to move in. honestly, the hotel staff was so nice to juliet (and to us!) we felt like we were visiting relatives. add to that the always-wonderful-always-incredible CINQ MONDES spa right there on the property, and you’ll understand why we’ll be emigrating just as soon as we can locate that darn winning lottery ticket.

we stayed in a lovely little house on the domain of CHATEAU ST PIERRE DE SERJAC • juliet is wearing a MINGO KIDS legging and sweater, i am wearing LEVI’S MADE&CRAFTED jeands and a YAYA sweater • all photos by stephanie duval and matthias rabaey

Lune Lautre

February 28, 2017 • AntwerpStyle

a year ago, britt and julie opened the doors to their brand new boutique in southern antwerp, not that far from where i used to live. no big deal you say? well, if you’re from around that part of antwerp (where you edegem/wilrijk/hove/boechout/kontich peeps at?!), i’m sure you joined me in a little happy dance when you first visited the shop. before LUNE LAUTRE, there was nothing that could be compared to it in a radius of about 20 kilometers. still not a big deal, you say? you try beating traffic in and out of the city from this part of antwerp. it’s enough to make you reconsider those 15-year-old jeans you were about to throw away.

but of course talking about traffic and convenience is not doing this shop justice – and neither do my photos above. i took them during a ten minute break while i was in the neighborhood, by the end of this winter’s season. britt and julie worried that they couldn’t properly show off their style because the store looked like it was raided. now if that’s what ‘raided’ looks like, then please gimme some. but in all honesty, to better judge the impeccable taste of these girls, you really should pay the store a visit now that the new collections are coming in. though you had better be quick, because the girls are known to work with waiting lists, and out of every box that comes in maybe half of the stuff actually ends up in the racks, because lune lautre fans have already reserved their favorite pieces via phone, e-mail or INSTAGRAM.

if in less than 12 months time lune lautre has become a phenomenon, it is also in large part thanks to its smiling, beautiful hosts and the warm welcome they offer every customer – with a pretty cup of coffee and a delicious-smelling branded lip balm on the side. when my business partner nele and i needed to be styled for a photo shoot last year, we didn’t think twice about it and headed over to britt and julie. they took their time to get to know us, gently push us out of our comfort zones and make us look prettier than we had looked in years. let me tell ya – no better way to kick those new-mom-blues than that (and a hair cut).

this is all getting me in the mood for a shopping spree. and a hair cut. friends and family if you’re reading this – my birthday is this sunday! ; )

visit lune lautre at hovestraat 2 in edegem • all photos by stephanie duval


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