City Spa Carbon Sense

June 29, 2015 • Wellness

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after having juliet, my body and mind were aching for some serious zen time, so when offered the opportunity to go and discover urban spa CARBON SENSE via RELAXY.BE, i jumped at the chance. i took my partner in crime – my friend who i started a company with a few months ago, and who also had her first baby daughter on the 26th of march. i know, freaky coincidence, right? long story short – we both needed the break, and we figured it would be the ideal time for some team building.

we had the entire morning to talk about our little girls, our company and everything else that has been keeping us busy these past couple of weeks. we started off with a nice and hot foot bath with scented bath salts, and finished a glass of prosecco before moving on to the saunas and hammam. carbon is a gorgeous design hotel, and its ‘sense’ spa is located on the uppermost floor. that’s why the spa is most definitely ‘urban’ in vibe and atmosphere – i really liked the view on genk city. too bad the weather didn’t permit lounging outside on the sleek terrace. but there’s enough to explore inside, too. we went from one sauna to the next, taking ‘experience showers’ in between and scrubbing ourselves clean before jumping into the hammam.

just when we started to feel the stress of everyday life lift, we were called in for our facials. it was fun to both have a facial at the same time, in the same room. sometimes going to a spa with a friend means you take turns and each disappear for a treatment while letting the other person wait – not so at carbon sense, and we both really appreciated that. after the facial we each had an amazingly relaxing body massage in the most beautiful room of the spa – with abundant day light. a nice change from the dark and mysterious cabins you are usually ushered into. we concluded our relaxing stay with a light lunch in the spa’s restaurant area, but were mildly disappointed not to find any healthy salads on the menu. though it meant that we could enjoy our other snacks guilt free, i can’t help but think the experience would have been even more perfect if we could have gone for healthy juices and a tasty veggie salad instead.

i’ve told you about RELAXY.BE before, when i went to visit WU WEI a couple of months ago. it’s such an amazing platform, as it’s the only online platform that gathers all the good spas and wellness centers in flanders and lets you search for the right match in terms of place, availability and kind of experience you’re looking for. i work with them on their own BLOG and have to admit they are one of my favorite clients. i can’t wait to see where they’ll send me next!

photos by stephanie duval

My Favorite Pharmacy Finds

March 12, 2015 • StyleWellness

My favorite pharmacy brands and products My favorite pharmacy brands and products My favorite pharmacy brands and products My favorite pharmacy brands and products My favorite pharmacy brands and products

i’ve been living in switzerland, close to the french border, for over three years now, give or take a little bit of commuting to belgium. and i’m ashamed to say it took me this long to discover that all this time i’ve been sitting on a gold mine i didn’t even know about – the french pharmacy.

you might remember my love for luxury label LA MER, and to be honest – that love still runs deep. however, with a baby on the way and a pregnant body that seems to change overnight (and again, and again, and again), spending that kind of money on beauty products suddenly didn’t seem like the reasonable thing to do (so. much. body lotion!) then, a little over a month ago, i was offered the opportunity to start testing some really great french pharmacy brands that i’d heard of before, but never actually tested. and i saw the light.

cheaper than the most high-end labels but still more expensive than what you can find in the supermarket, these brands all hover around the perfect balance between affordable and efficient. i love that these labels seem to spend more on research and the science behind their claims than on marketing and publicity (though i might just be presuming things here). and most of all, i love that they are all available in the giant-ass pharmacies right across the swiss-french border.

to cut a long story short, here are some of the products i’ve been testing and loving. like, seriously, madly, deeply LOVING. // louis widmer is actually a swiss brand (who knew?) and their remederm line is just the best. i’ve been using the HUILE DE BAIN every day for the past couple of weeks (so. many. baths!) and it leaves my skin super soft and hydrated. i’ve also been using the CREME CORPORELLE on my baby bump. // nuxe is actually one of those brands that i’d been using on and off over the past couple of years, but i always just automatically bought the same product – CREME PRODIGIEUSE. i love the scent so much! right now i’ve been test-driving some of their other products though, and they sure seem promising. i’m especially loving the NUXELLENCE line, though i need to use it a little longer in order to be able to comment on it. // i was really excited about testing the bioderma SOLUTION MICELLAIRE, just because every beauty blogger and their mom raves about this product so much. i have to say i don’t really get the fuss, but i will admit this is an excellent make-up remover that doesn’t leave my skin dry and decently removes any trace of make-up. i much prefer this kind of watery consistency over any kind of milk, by the way. // my favorite new discovery has to be darphin though. i’ve been using their HYDRASKIN SERUM, SMOOTHING EYE GEL and VITALSKIN GEL for a couple of weeks now, and i really notice the difference in my face. i look fresher and less tired – while believe me, that is NOT how i’m feeling during the last stretch to this baby’s birth.

now that i’ve been discovering these great pharmacy products, i’m really curious to find out more. i’m currently in the market for a good shampoo + conditioner combo, does anyone have any suggestions?

photos by stephanie duval


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