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Halfway There

November 18, 2014 • KidsStyle

last week i hit the halfway mark of my pregnancy, and i can barely believe how fast it is flying by. it’s posing its challenges, and i’m certainly not one of those women who’d rather be pregnant all the time, but i gotta say i’m starting to enjoy it more and more. now that baby is kicking and moving around and we saw it up close in THE TWENTY WEEK SONOGRAM, it’s starting to feel more real, somehow. a friend described being pregnant as ‘so cozy, because it’s always the two of you.’ that feeling of never being alone? i agree that it’s pretty awesome.

i don’t want to bore you with too many pregnancy anecdotes or baby bump photos, but the halfway mark was something i wanted to share. the dress i’m wearing is COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS, and i’ve been getting great mileage out of that one recently. i wore it to MY BOOK LAUNCH and then again at the antwerp book fair. it still fits my ever growing bump, and i even think it shows it off quite nicely. when i’ll look back at all of these pictures in ten or twenty years, i’m sure i’ll remember this dress and all the happy memories attached to it.

dress by COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS // pure 50 tights by WOLFORD
photos by matthias rabaey


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