baby crib

living with a toddler goes a little something like this.

• it’s jumping out of the shower naked, soaking wet and in a blind panic to rescue your kid in the bath tub who just started screaming like she cut off a finger, only to find out she got a little soap in her eye and after two splashes of water in her face she happily resumes singing ‘itsy bitsy spider’ and rubbing more soap in her eyes.

• it’s calculating an extra 23 minutes to get ANYTHING done because the toddler wants to do everything on her own, including dressing and undressing herself even though it takes her five minutes to find both armholes of a t-shirt.

• it’s dealing with the irrational and often random wishes of a toddler – who knew there was an exact, scientific and mandatory order to the ritual of going to bed?

• it’s realizing that after 475 times it takes a lot of effort to read the same bed time story without your voice betraying the lack of will to live through it for the 476th time.

• it’s understanding that carrots cut into tiny pieces and put into a pasta sauce are decidedly NOT the same as the little carrots that come with the peas in a tin, and that a toddler could not reasonably be expected to treat both the same.

• it’s running to your favorite children’s store for help because your toddler doesn’t stop climbing out of her crib by herself (and falling on her head in the process) despite your insistent requests to please stay a baby and SLEEP IN THE FRIGGING CUTE CRIB. thanks KIDS LOVE DESIGN for letting us have it both ways – with a small adjustment juliet can now safely get in and out of bed by herself, and i still get to suffocate her with blankets and bunnies, i mean love and affection, in her trusted baby crib.

photos by stephanie duval // baby crib that evolves with your toddler-going-on-teenager from oeuf nyc and washable carpet from lorena canals, both via KIDS LOVE DESIGN // juliet is wearing grey t-shirt from LITTLE FOREST, striped leggings from MINIMALISMA, underwear from PETIT BATEAU and pink pj’s from GAP // golden bed bumper and canopy are from numero 74 via LIDOR // house pillow, flower print pillow case and blanket are from CAMOMILE LONDON // knit pillow and blankets are from HVID // crocodile pillow is from GRAMPA // pink duvet cover is from konges slojd via KLEINES KARUSSELL // basket with tassels from LORENA CANALS // juliet’s favorite book at the moment (and it was fun for me too, for the first 100 times) is from ZEBRA BOOK


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