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July 2, 2015 • Home DecorKids

Monochrome Ooh Noo Kids Bedding Monochrome Ooh Noo Kids Bedding Monochrome Ooh Noo Kids Bedding Monochrome Ooh Noo Kids Bedding Monochrome Ooh Noo Kids Bedding Monochrome Ooh Noo Kids Bedding

one of the biggest challenges once juliet was born, was to find cute but beautiful bedding for her crib and cot. it seemed like the only options were bright colors, or pastel animal prints… until i found OOH NOO. the slovenian company is run by a designer who happens to also be a mother – the best kind of combination if you ask me. nina wanted to create bedding that would be perfect for both boys and girls, would speak to design afficionados, and would be washable ‘ad infinitum.’ she designed the most beautiful sheets in pure linnen, in beautiful monochrome prints or pretty muted colors.

because the sizes of the bedding are not standard, i had two down blankets custom made to fit the sheets – one for juliet’s LEANDER crib, and one for her OEUF bed. i also use the smallest size in her bugaboo stroller – it’s the perfect size for small sleeping nooks like that.

what i love most about the ooh noo bedding is the fact that it is made to mix and match. i love combining the geometric web print with the tiny little triangles. and the delicate flower print is prettiest when you combine the white and beige versions, too. i use the larger duvet covers as mattress covers in juliet’s crib, and love that i will able to keep using them as she grows bigger and older. this bedding truly feels like it will last forever – and what’s not to love about that?!

crib sheet by jack n’a qu’un oeuil via KIDSLOVEDESIGNall other bedding by OOH NOObed by oeuf via KIDSLOVEDESIGNbunny blanket by miniwilla via STUDIO AIMEEbunnies by JELLYCATscreenprinted soft toy by youngdouble via PEEK&PACKphotos by stephanie duval and matthias rabaey


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