Pink Is Taking Over

July 11, 2018 • Home Decor

pink is completely taking over our bedroom (and the rest of our home, for that matter). the minute we found out we were having another baby girl, my brain short circuited and i went online to order ALL OF THE PINK THINGS. maybe it’s because when i was pregnant with juliet i only bought monochrome clothes, and i regretted it almost immediately after she was born. i was not gonna make the same mistake twice – my last baby was going to be the girliest of all girls ever born.

months before eloise arrived, i started collecting cute tiny clothes, shoes, baby books, memory boxes, and so on. instead of hiding it all away in a closet or in the girls’ bedroom, i put it right where i could see it every single day – our bedroom. if my husband minded, he was wise enough not to let me know, and let me pretend i was decorating a children’s shop instead of the parental bedroom. hormones, am i right?

our bedroom doesn’t look like this anymore right now – i’ve put that beautiful SKO SHOE RACK in the hallway to make room for eloise’s crib. i fell in love with this design by SIMON LEGALD the minute i laid eyes on it though, so i’ll probably be moving the rack back into our room once eloise sleeps in the girls’ room. i mean, why buy all of these pretty shoes if you can’t display them to admire every day? and it helps that the rack in itself is so pretty, too.

photos by stephanie duval • thanks to the brands that allow me to experiment, discover and only share what i genuinely love with you • shoe rack from normann copenhagen via MISTER DESIGN. check out their website for more beautiful DESIGN STORAGE • most of the clothes and baby things i found at HET LAND VAN OOIT, but if you’d like to know anything specifically, please let me know in the comments and i’ll help you out!

there is so much fun in preparing for a new baby in your life – but i gotta admit i spend at least as much time worrying about it, too. those first few months with juliet were a challenge, to say the least, and in some ways it now feels like we are preparing for battle or something. i am especially wary of the sleepless nights that are undoubtedly in our future, so i am not just preparing our little girls’ room (for when they can start sharing it after the first few months), but i am also giving our parental bedroom a bit of a makeover.

we’ll put the baby in a cradle in our room for those first few months, so that means we’ll be spending lots of night time moments feeding, burping, changing and soothing her right there. we have already put the changing table back into the corner where it used to be when juliet first arrived, and i am planning on adding a cosy chair somewhere, too. but something that i wanted to get done much faster, was the addition of a little lamp on my side of the bed.

in our previous apartement we used to have an ARTEMIDE tolomeo micro table lamp on either side of the bed, but when we moved into this place, i hung up that black metal bedside table on my side and the table lamp didn’t quite fit on there anymore. for some reason, i stopped looking for a decent replacement, and we got in the habit of using just one beside lamp for the both of us. needless to say, it’s not very convenient whenever i want to get out of bed earlier or want to read a little longer… i can’t count the times i’ve hit my toe against the wall, stumbling around in the dark.

i figured i needed to do something before the new baby arrived and i would trip straight into her crib in the middle of the night, so i started scrolling through endless options online. i knew i wanted something timeless and that would fit with the tolomeo micro on the other side. in the end i opted for the TOLOMEO PINZA, that i can simply ‘pinch’ onto my bedside table (which conveniently has a hidden compartment that hides most of the lamp’s cable from view).

i am trying to approach the prospect of sleepless nights as positively as possible, by adding cute and nice items here and there and focusing on the nice moments we’ll share with the new baby. a good night serum and body oil on the night stand to take good care of myself, a deliciously scented lavender bag (thanks MINIMALISMA) next to my pillow to fall back asleep more easily, tiny cute clothes and beautiful muslin cloths for those midnight changes…

i’m curious to hear – what are some ways in which you prepare(d) for the many, many (AND MANY MORE) sleepless nights that come with new parenthood?

photos by stephanie duval • bedside DESIGN LAMPS by MICHELE DE LUCCHI for artemide • post in collaboration with MISTERDESIGN.BE


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