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so many good things going on lately, it’s hard to keep track of them, let alone share all this news with you all. but as the second edition of KRACHTVOER is coming up, i wanted to take some time to discuss. firstly, because the leading ladies behind the food festival are two of my favorite bloggers, jo and barbara of ALLE DAGEN HONGER. secondly, because the entire concept is genius and one of a kind. basically – if you’re into food even the slightest little bit, you need to go there on october 18 and 19.

why? let me count the reasons. that lovely little brochure and those awesome illustrations you see above, should give you an idea of the atmosphere and level of professionalism involved in the whole affair. it’s a labor of love, and you can just feel that in every small detail. next – the programme! there are lectures, workshops, masterclasses, food markets, tastings, expositions, dinners and viewings of documentaries… enough to fill an entire weekend with inspiring activities and delicious meals. i’m personally looking forward to sampling all the street food on offer – especially that of food truck METEOR.

and of course i’m also pretty excited and honored to be giving a workshop on saturday october 18 at 2pm, about blogging of course (what did you expect?) i’ll be delving into the subject from the point of view of food blogging, but it’ll be interesting for anyone looking to up the level of their online activities. tickets for the workshops are only €8, so why not tag on the food photography, food writing or food start-up masterclass? click HERE for more information.

last but not least, i get to give away two day tickets for the festival on saturday october 18 (these are not tickets for any of the workshops, for which you need additional, separate tickets). if you’d like to win those tickets, simply head over to the 70PERCENTPURE FACEBOOK PAGE and let me know there what you’re most looking forward to discover at krachtvoer. i’ll randomly select a winner from the reactions by sunday october 12.

photos by stephanie duval // illustrations by MAYKEN CRAENEN for krachtvoer

Blogging Guidebook How Blogs Work

September 25, 2014 • Work


it is such an immensely proud moment for me to finally introduce you guys to the project i’ve devoted most of the past six months to – my blogging handbook HOW BLOGS WORK that is published by LANNOO and should be landing in book stores all over belgium and the netherlands as we speak (it’s written in dutch). i started getting really into ‘the internet’ more than ten years ago. it started with aweful and embarrassing escapades on geocities, it evolved into a blog about antwerp fashion that i ran with a friend and into a freelance gig for belgian elle magazine, manning their first ever version of an online presence. it culminated in this very blog – my personal storytelling laboratory thanks to which i’ve met so many good people, and had so many good experiences.

i slowly and steadily grew obsessed with the phenomenon of blogging, and together with marie lemaître and pr agency oona i launched THE BLOG WORKS in 2011 – belgium’s first ever blogger convention. it ran for two successful editions, and afterwards i found myself strangely attracted to the act of sharing the passion and spreading the knowledge about this exciting new medium. i gave many more workshops and lectures to smaller and bigger groups, to blogging enthusiasts and to businesses looking to obtain a deeper understanding of the opportunities presented by the reformed media landscape.

last year, it finally dawned on me that perhaps i had a book in me. perhaps i had gathered enough experience and knowledge to put it all in writing and create an inspiring and informative guidebook that could help others bring their blogging activities to a new and perhaps more professional level. publishing company LANNOO believed in the project right from the first minute, and suddenly i was on the fast track to becoming an author. i went out and interviewed almost 20 bloggers from belgium and the netherlands, who are all successful in their own specific ways. they are a diverse bunch, including the lovely duos behind APRIL AND MAY, ALLE DAGEN HONGER and WOONBLOG, and many, many more inspiring and wonderful bloggers. they openly shared their advice and learnings, and i bundled it all in HOW BLOGS WORK. i hope the result is a book that will inspire and motivate beginners and experienced bloggers to either take blogging more seriously, or to get a more informed view on the world of blogging and the opportunities it holds.

i am extremely nervous now that HOW BLOGS WORK is landing in book stores – i can’t wait to hear readers’ opinions! to celebrate, LANNOO and SERAX are throwing a little shindig next week on october 2nd from 7pm at the SERAX headquarters in kontich. tom from WOONBLOG, barbara and johanna from ALLE DAGEN HONGER and kim daenen from BRUSSELS AIRLINES will be there to talk about their experiences with professional-level blogging, and they will participate in a panel talk about the future of blogging.

if you’d like to buy the book, you can order one via the LANNOO WEBSHOP. if you use this link, you’ll even get shipping thrown in for free!


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