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Wardrobe Detox With Label Crush

February 19, 2015 • Style

if you’ve been following along for a while, you might remember that i’m working on creating the ultimate CAPSULE WARDROBE before i turn thirty. that birthday is fast approaching and i have to admit my project has taken a bit of a backseat to that other ambitious project, i.e. making a baby. turns out that figuring out your personal style, detoxing your existing pile of clothes and building the perfect wardrobe is hard to combine with a growing baby bump. nevertheless, i’ve learned some valuable things about myself and my style that i will be taking with me to the other side of 30 – which COLORS suit me best, which different STYLES i need in my life and how COATS may be the one thing you can never have enough of. i’m looking forward to continuing this journey in the coming months, but for that to be possible, i really needed to tackle one big challenge – the detox.

everyone knows there’s truth in the old adage ‘out with old, in with the new’. you can only make room for fresh inspiration once you get rid of the cobwebbs in your brain. similarly, having a closet full of clothes that remind you of times that are over, of people you outgrew or of styles you used to love but don’t care for anymore – is just not helpful to reinventing or trying to define yourself. but for something that sounds so logical, why is detoxing so hard? is it the letting go of parts of your previous life? probably. but for me personally, it has also been about ‘what the heck do i do with all this stuff?’ some of the clothes i no longer wear, i’ve loved dearly. i realize they don’t have a place in my home anymore, but it’s like i’m not ready to throw them out on the streets – whether it be to goodwill or to a second hand store. though both are good options in their own right, neither feels appropriate or satisfying for some of the more exclusive or nicer items you’ve possessed, right?

as if they’d read my mind, LABEL CRUSH reached out to me to introduce me to their preloved designerwear selling platform. they were sweet enough to make me their GIRL CRUSH of the month (literally one last hurrah as a girl before i turn into a ma’m?) and asked me if i wanted to sell any preloved items on their website. well did i ever. the label crush site is not your ordinary secondhand store – it’s filled with designer goodies from labels that i love (i even spotted some céline handbags on there!) and people who love fashion and style as much as i do. the selection of stuff for sale is carefully curated and of impeccable quality – so i really felt like the things that i wanted to sell would be in the right place on there.

so then the hard part began – going through my closet to find items that i should and could part with, because they didn’t truly feel like ‘me’ anymore or wouldn’t fit into my capsule wardrobe. guys – it was so much harder than i expected. throughout the years i’ve gotten rid of many t-shirts and tops and dresses that i stopped loving along the way. but what if you never stop loving the item, you just stop loving how it looks on you? that’s what happened for a number of blouses, dresses, jackets, sweaters and accessories in my wardrobe. i’ve photographed some of them in our bedroom, but you’ll find the entire SELECTION over on the label crush site. i have such lovely memories of these dresses, but the truth is i’ve worn most of them maybe once or twice. i always fall in love with the idea of a dress, but i end up rarely wearing them because they don’t suit my lifestyle. and as for the other items i’ve decided that ‘maybe a tad too tight for me’, ‘those sleeves should be a little longer for me’ and ‘that color isn’t exactly right for me’ should not be a part of my daily morning routine getting dressed. the clothes are in mint condition, but they’ll be perfect for someone else.

have you had any experience with selling clothes online – via label crush maybe – or detoxing your wardrobe at one point in your life? i’m curious to hear your thoughts (also, i feel like this is a therapeutic moment in my life and i need to talk about it!)

photos by stephanie duval

Winter Greys

December 6, 2014 • Style

STYLE-Capsule-Wardrobe-Greys-8 STYLE-Capsule-Wardrobe-Greys-9 STYLE-Capsule-Wardrobe-Greys-10 STYLE-Capsule-Wardrobe-Greys-11

see how i avoided a ‘fifty shades of’ title there? anyhow. winter is here, at least in our corner of the world, and it’s turning our days into one long blend of greys. i’m partly responsible for that of course, as 80% of my wardrobe currently exists out of neutral grey tones, and our interior is definitely on the monochrome side of the spectrum, too.

when i started creating MY CAPSULE WARDROBE, i knew i needed at least one or two extremely cosy cashmere sweaters or cardigans to get through the winter (which, let’s be honest, takes up 7 to 8 months of the year around here). when VINCE generously offered to participate in my quest for the ultimate pieces of clothing that could help me transition to an ‘adult’ wardrobe, i was so excited. ever since i discovered the brand on one of our trips to the states, i’ve been such a fan of their quality and modern aesthetic. they make the perfect basics that don’t look like basics at all. those two cardigans you see lying and hanging around? yeah, i’ve pretty much been living in them. they’re perfect to accommodate my baby bump right now, but i just know i’ll love them for years to come. i really can’t compare their quality to anything else i own. if you’re sans bump, make sure to check out THIS sweater (and while you’re at it, THIS ONE and THIS ONE, too!)

other random thoughts // those two ladders in the pictures are the fruits of a recent diy project my husband was kind enough to help me with (in that he did everything while i stood by and delivered live commentary). we couldn’t get them straight if our lives depended on it, but we like how they turned out anyway. want to try your hand at it yourself? we followed THIS TUTORIAL on jennifer’s beautiful blog (her ladder is far superior to ours, by the way). // the candle holders are a design by catherine lovatt for SERAX, the vase holding all the eucalyptus is SERAX, too. i love how cheap and fragrant eucalyptus is – i’d prefer an armful of these branches over a bouquet any day! // i really need to get around to hanging our posters, but i keep changing my mind about them. i’ve been pinning lots of interesting examples of decorating with them, and that’s not making the decisions any easier. i do know that i love this mountain abc by COCO LAPINE DESIGN though. // i searched high and low for cute string lights – until sweet isabel of MWORDMAG directed me to THESE. now all i can think of is that i want them in black, too.

for your information – VINCE kindly donated these sweaters to my CAPSULE WARDROBE PROJECT. however, they only did so after i selected and loved them. as usual all opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.
photos by stephanie duval


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