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December 9, 2014 • KidsStyleWellness

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so i’ve been having some thoughts about that infamous ‘pregnancy glow’ women around the world are promised to convince them that stretching their entire body to fit a tiny human being is actually a good idea. of course the little person i’m creating is all i really want out of this experience, but i have to say i’m a little disappointed with the rest. that glow? yeah, wasn’t happening over here. so i decided to take matters into my own hands and start a new ritual, try new products and take such good care of myself that everyone would be fooled by my newly achieved ‘glow.’

truth be told, i was slacking before. remember when PARFUMA helped me create the perfect skincare regimen leading up to my wedding? turns out my raging hormones changed EVERYTHING, and i knew i needed to hunt down different products, but i was too lazy. then i started using the LOTION PHYTO-PEELING by cinq mondes and things started looking up. i love the freshness of this tonic, which is just active enough to make a difference for my skin, but not so harsh that it would damage it. i’ve been following up with the NO REASON TO HIDE serum by philosophy and i’ve completely fallen in love with it. before, i looked to serums to hydrate, not to treat – because i could never decide on what to treat, exactly. enter this serum, which promises to just completely transform your skin. it has certainly evened out and brightened mine!

it’s hard to say which new product has had the most effect, especially since i’ve also started using the CLARISONIC MIA 2 cleaning brush. file that under ‘late to the party’, sure. i was finally curious enough to make time to include this extra ritual in my daily routine. it actually doesn’t take up as much time as i thought it would, and i find the feeling of the brush massaging my skin really relaxing. i started off brushing my face every night before applying my serum (thinking it would maybe have more effect after such a thorough cleansing), but i ended up making it more of a bi-weekly thing to avoid over-stimulating my skin. after about six weeks, my face definitely feels softer and i’ve since stopped noticing new blemishes (hurrah!) the only downside to the device might be the color (it was gifted to me, so of course i’m grateful – but if i had to choose one for myself i’d go for a sleek white one), but i’m definitely hooked to the concept now. i really want to try out clarisonic’s OTHER BRUSH HEADS for sensitive skin, which might allow me to use it more often.

still, i can’t avoid a bit of the I SO PALE phenomenon, so for days when i need to be a bit presentable, i trust my current favorites in my make-up bag // both the dior SKINFLASH and PORE MINIMIZER are essential in any of my make-up looks (who am i kidding, i only know how to do ‘natural’, but both are great for that). // jane iredale and i have been besties ever since my wedding and that’s not likely to change any time soon. i still love the light coverage of DREAM TINT and am still so impressed by the magical powers of the BLENDING BRUSH. for color, i depend on BOBBI BROWN, who is such a star at making women look like they woke up like that.

speaking of pregnancy, here are a couple of things i’ve learned so far during mine. // when you are pregnant, everyone you meet is a specialist. turns out they all secretly went to medical school and moonlight as obgyns – sneaky sneaky. seriously though, i completely understand that everyone has their story to tell, and the best possible audience is the one that is going through the exact same stuff. but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to hear it. please be careful with horror stories and unasked for good advice, which i’m sure is always delivered with the best of intentions, but can be very annoying to moms-to-be who think differently. // when you are pregnant, people experience an irresistable urge to stroke your baby bump. why anyone thinks this is a good idea, i’ll never get. this is a time in most pregnant women’s lives when they are most insecure and protective of their bodies – especially of that part – and there everyone goes, stroking and petting like there’s no tomorrow. life is not a zoo, people, and we are not your pets. if you stroke my baby bump, i’ll put a finger up your nose. you’ve been warned. // when you are pregnant, you shouldn’t have to ask for back rubs. they should just be mandatory for your spouse. // over and out.

photos by stephanie duval


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