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Let’s Crop That

January 19, 2015 • KidsStyle

it’s been a while since i’ve talked about my CAPSULE WARDROBE PROJECT, but behind the scenes i’ve been thinking about it a lot. of course when i started preparing this project, i didn’t know i was going to fall pregnant, and this growing baby bump certainly hasn’t made it easier for me to define my personal style. luckily, i have the greatest friends, and one of them works for a fashion agency that distributes a lot of cool brands in the benelux. she helped me with the capsule wardrobe project and steered me in the direction of italian label PINKO. i have to admit that i wouldn’t have thought of that brand to fit my minimalist style, but boy was i pleasantly surprised when my friend sent me a care package…

she picked out three cropped sweaters for me, and though i was flabbergasted at first (what? where’d the rest of that sweater go?), once i put them on i was completely hooked. i quickly understood the advantage of wearing a cropped sweater when accomodating a growing baby bump, and it didn’t take me long to start loving the combination of comfy leggings, long stretchy tops and one of the cropped sweaters. the combination gives me the chance to show off what i am so proud of, and the sweaters will never get too tight (they still fit me perfectly at 30 weeks along). additionally, i’m so happy these are not your typical ‘maternity fashion’ items. i’ll just as happily wear these sweaters post-pregnancy (though probably also post-new-mama-fitness-routine).

it would be hard to pick a favorite – i love the open back with extra black layer of the grey sweater, the gorgeous klein blue of the mohair one, and the quirky effect of the black fluffy polka dots on the navy blue sweater. all three are not your regular ‘minimal’ pieces, but they do fit in with my basics beautifully, and lift up an otherwise perhaps slightly boring outfit. i’ve been living in all three of them, combined with the wonderful multitops by belgian label BILLION DOLLAR BABES. so what did i learn from this experience? always listen to friends that are more stylish than you + never judge a brand without further investigation + never judge a trend without trying it? though i’m pretty sure that last one doesn’t apply to all trends… #amiright?

what else am i wearing? leggings by QUEEN MUM // june multitop by BILLION DOLLAR BABES // internationalist sneakers by NIKE // scarf by J.CREW
photos by matthias rabaey


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