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Deep Nature Spa Brussels Deep Nature Spa Brussels Deep Nature Spa Brussels Deep Nature Spa Brussels Deep Nature Spa Brussels Deep Nature Spa Brussels Deep Nature Spa Brussels Deep Nature Spa Brussels Deep Nature Spa Brussels Deep Nature Spa Brussels

it’s all happening, and it’s all happening at the same time. life is pretty good right now – my husband and i are expecting our first baby, we moved to a pretty new apartment in switzerland, my book was well-received in belgium and this blog just won a WEEKEND BLOG AWARD. i couldn’t be more grateful for all these exciting things, and i’m super thankful to all of you out there. you guys have been so supportive, so kind, so enthusiastic and so rocking awesome about pretty much everything – i know it’s a sky high cliché, but i feel pretty blessed for all of it.

that said, life can sometimes feel a little overwhelming lately. i feel like i’m pulled in all kinds of directions and it’s all so much fun, but it can also be exhausting. ever since announcing my pregnancy, i’ve received all kinds of advice from people, but i really believe the most important piece of advice there is, is to take it easy on yourself. i’m so used to stepping on the gas and going for what i want, it’s strange to feel my body react negatively to that right now. if i don’t take a breather from time to time, physically as well as mentally, i sometimes feel like i hit a wall that forces me to take a step back.

so after a week of meetings with cool new clients (more on that later, for sure!), giving workshops and lectures, signing books and attending press events, i gratefully accepted the opportunity to try out the brand new DEEP NATURE SPA in brussels. they offered me their very special ko bi do anti-ageing facial, inspired by japanese massage techniques and comprising a full 80 minutes of deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatment, using the wonderful CINQ MONDES products.

as you know, i’m not a beauty blogger or specialist, but i do know when i’m in heaven. and for 80 minutes, the deep nature spa certainly felt a lot like that. the beauticians here are experts in what they do, and – very importantly – they are also deeply kind and caring. when asked what i expected from my treatment, i replied ‘total relaxation’, so my beautician didn’t bother me with explanations or product information during the massage, instead she made sure i was super comfortable all the way through (hello, pregnancy back aches!)

i couldn’t stick around to enjoy the wonderful spa afterwards, but i’m already making plans to go back and enjoy the hammam, sensory showers, jacuzzi and beautiful, beautiful pool some time next year. additionally, i’m seriously considering switching my beauty routine to all-cinq-mondes-all-the-way, as my skin hasn’t felt this nourished and soft for months now (hello, pregnancy hormonal mess!)

i’m curious to hear your thoughts on spas in and outside of belgium – have you been to deep nature yet? what are your favorite treatments? and any recommendations for moms-to-be? i’d love to make this kind of experience a monthly affaire during the remainder of my pregnancy!

all photos by stephanie duval


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