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July 23, 2015 • Kids

Design Baby Toys by Done By Deer Design Baby Toys by Done By Deer Design Baby Toys by Done By Deer

when i fell pregnant and became obsessed with a few ladies on instagram sharing their impeccably stylish monochrome homes and nurseries, i became convinced that for as long as i could, i would avoid buying colorful toys and clothing for my little baby. i wanted her to grow up loving good design as much as i do, and sorry but there’s just no place for fisher-price in that world. all my friends with children smiled, shook their heads and let me believe that that was what i’d do while thinking to themselves – wait until that baby gets here, then we’ll see. how right they were – but not 100%. i’ve still not given up on finding alternatives for the heaps and heaps of ugly toys out there. ok, i may have given in to color, but only because i found a way to do it in style.

i’m on a neverending hunt for beautifully designed toys, and while pretty often they are still monochrome or made out of wood (like THESE GORGEOUS TOYS by sarah & bendrix), i finally came across a brand that does color right. DONE BY DEER is a scandinavian – but of course! – brand that designs pretty toys, home accessories, children’s tableware and much more. i personally love their use of color, which is a bit muted and balanced with lots of black, white and grey. their designs are a bit abstract and have a clear link to graphic design, and that makes them absolutely perfect in my opinion. admittedly i’ve developed a huge crush on pink-ish hues, so the ‘girly’ colorways of done by deer really speak to me. but they also mix in well with the black and white stuff that was already in our home and juliet’s nursery.

in short – i’m a big done by deer fan, and i just wanted to share the love. i’m doing even more over on instagram, where i’m hosting a fab giveaway with the brand. there’s two ways to win any – ANY! – done by deer object of your choice, so get on over to MY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT or THAT OF DONE BY DEER to participate.

photos by stephanie duval


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