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September 25, 2015 • BrusselsFood and DrinkTravel

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last week i had the honor to host a delightful bloggertour around brussels for ELISABETH CHOCOLATIER. you guys might remember i hosted another workshop for them earlier this year – which was such a blast, i had been looking forward to the sequel ever since we made plans for it. the wonderful joyce from JUST LIKE SUSHI, carrie from WISHWISHWISH, céline from MILUCCIA and oliva from WHAT OLIVIA DID joined us for two days filled with fun and sweets.

our tour started at the beautiful HAPPY GUESTHOUSE, where we had some time for tea, coffee and chocolates. we then explored the four different elisabeth shops around the grand place in the center of brussels. i’ve mentioned this before, but i just can’t get over how stylish and modern these shops look compared to the other stores in the neighborhood. there’s none of that tourist-trap vibe, just great design and amazing sweets made by local artisans. every shop has its specialty, so if you’re ever around the area, make sure you visit all four to get a good idea of what elisabeth is all about.

afterwards, we had a fun chat with the lovely owner of THE GAME design store, a glass of pink champagne in the pop-up boutique of DE GREEF, which used elisabeth sweets in their fall campaign. then it was time to head over to LES FILLES. we had lunch at one of their cozy communal tables, and later headed upstairs for dessert. we were challenged to create our own creative versions of three desserts using elisabeth products and we didn’t leave the premises until we were positively stuffed.

after lunch we made the trek out to the gorgeous HELLO JAMES shop, where te owners gave us a little tour of their basement workshop and sent us home with some beautiful handmade leather accessories. a quick touch-up of our make-up was added to the program when we passed by COSMETICARY, where jean used the bobbi brown magic on us. we left all ready for our dinner plans at COMPTOIR DES GALERIES – the beautiful restaurant of the hotel des galeries (more on that later!)

the next day we headed uptown to spend some time in my favorite neighborhood around the place brugmann, and i finally got to have lunch at ICI – i’ve only been waiting for that moment ever since it opened. it was such a fun experience meeting these amazing bloggers from france, the netherlands and the uk and showing them around some true gems in brussels. it reminded me i don’t spend nearly enough time in the capital of belgium, and i need to change that, stat. hopefully this little tour will have inspired you to do the same (and definitely say hi to the great team of elisabeth for me!)

photos by stephanie duval

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how could i not love my job when it comes with sweets, great people, awesome design and cool experiences? last weekend i had a beyond wonderful time hosting an afternoon for brussels chocolatier ELISABETH – inviting four inspiring bloggers to come along for good coffee, a little wander through brussels’ charming streets and a dessert workshop.

the afternoon started at cute mobile coffee bar VROOM VROOM run by the lovely elfya, whose macchiatos and lattes were the perfect company for some delicious meringues and mini melo cakes. ELISABETH is not a traditional chocolatier, in that they don’t produce the sweets themselves, but rather go around scouting the best local artisans for each different product. everything is made in or around brussels, and each of the four elisabeth stores has its own specialty – from meringue to nougat to chocolate to gingerbread… my personal favorites are their cuberdons, and their melo cakes with salty biscuits – i swear i’ve dreamed of both after tasting them for the first time.

we then took a short walk from the saint michel cathedral to the streets surrounding the ‘grote markt’, a rather touristy area in the heart of brussels. i didn’t think of this area as very interesting before i met the ladies behind elisabeth, but now they keep surprising me with cool addresses and places that go straight to my ‘must come back and bring my camera some time’ list. because of the touristy image of the neighborhood, i had never noticed the elisabeth boutiques before, but they are true gems and totally visit-worthy even if you’re a local. even if it’s just to admire the cool branding by BASE DESIGN, who succeeded in giving a little edge to the sweet label and have developed the loveliest packaging for them.

after tasting our way through all four boutiques, we were off to culinary hot spot LES FILLES. i hadn’t been to their restaurant/shop/atelier before, and i had no idea i was in for SUCH a treat. the atmosphere cozy and relaxed, the accessories and decorations retro and colorful, it is an amazing place for everything from brunch to the reason why we were there – a foodie workshop. as ambassador for belgian design label SERAX, i couldn’t not go and borrow parts of their beautiful new collections for the workshop. we ended up styling the desserts on parts of the new colorful JANSEN+CO tableware, some of my favorite sleek PIETER STOCKMANS designs and really pretty marble trays.

we learned how to make three awesome (and wonderfully simple) desserts using elisabeth ingredients, though i may or may not have been too hypnotized by the glorious pastel kitchenaids to really develop my non-existent cooking skills. i was in awe of what the other bloggers created though – it must be so much fun to be so creative in the kitchen. for now i think i’ll stick to stuffing my face with cuberdons – and perhaps JULIE, LOUIE, PATRICIA or PIETER will some day invite me to taste their desserts…

photos by stephanie duval


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