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December 19, 2014 • AntwerpFood and Drink

remember when belgian lifestyle magazine FEELING asked me to help them spread the news about their FEEL.IT app? well let me introduce you to another wonderful hot spot that is the perfect example of the places you can discover via the app. HNGRY is a newish food concept in antwerp, in that it is the cross-over between a foodie shop and catering service. you can go there to pick up a rare gin or wine, to discover beautifully packaged condiments or locally produced snacks. but you can also drop by if you’re in the mood for a home-cooked meal, but you lack inspiration or time to do extensive grocery shopping.

hngry presents a variety of options – different ones every week – for easy-to-make-yourself recipes, and it sells everything you need to prepare them in a neat little package. no need to visit three different supermarkets to assemble all the ingredients, and gone are the days when you had to throw away half a kilo of veggies because you couldn’t just buy the amount you needed. we love to cook at home (confession – husband loves to cook, i love to eat), but despite the multiple cooking tomes in our library we often struggle to come up with creative, tasty ideas for everyday meals. so obviously i love the concept, and if we had anything like hngry around in switzerland, i’m sure we’d go there at least a few times a week. bonus points for the little cafe in the front – too little places think of tired people who welcome a little break from their shopping round.

if you’d like to hot spot hunting yourself, you can download the FEEL.IT app via the APP STORE or PLAY STORE. downloading the app is free, enjoying its weekly updated contents is possible via a one or three-month subscription. because it’s almost christmas, i get to give away free one-month subscriptions to the five first readers who leave a message on MY FACEBOOK PAGE! go on, what are you waiting for?

this post is a collaboration with FEELING FEEL.IT – of course all my opinions are my own.
photos by stephanie duval


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