by now i’m pretty sure i don’t have to introduce CHATEAU ST. PIERRE DE SERJAC to you anymore. if you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll know we spent our EASTER BREAK there last year, too. we loved it so much, we went back for an extended weekend LAST FALL, and we sort of started considering the domain our home away from home. we hadn’t really planned on doing much for easter this year because last time i was this pregnant, i wasn’t much fun to be around – let alone travel with. but this pregnancy i not only felt up to it – i actually craved some quality time with my two favorite people in the world. it was our last trip as a family of three, and so these memories will always be extra special to me. the fact that juliet starts knowing her way around the property and felt at home from the start also really helped us relax and enjoy our time together.

before we arrived, i thought to myself – i won’t be taking as many pictures this time. after all, it’s our third visit and how many more photos can you take of the same environment? but before i knew it, i ended up with more snapshots than just one blog post could handle. so with this first post i wanted to share a glimpse into our ‘daily life’ whenever we’re at our beloved ‘serjac.’ i hope that somehow these images can convey that even just arriving at the gorgeous domain, opening the doors to your private little home and fixing a simple dinner in the kitchen is such a beautiful and relaxing experience. we chose to stay at la grange #28 again, where we stayed last year, too, because we fell in love with its interior architecture, pretty L-shaped garden and cozy stove. even when the weather was hesitating between end-of-winter and full-on-spring, we were sure to have many little nooks and corners to hang out and chill – inside and outside.

we also took some time hanging around in the restaurant and bar – both sumptious and luxurious places where you can feel like a spoiled little princess and yet completely at ease at the same time. i’ve traveled and experienced a lot, and i can tell this is a difficult balance to strike in hospitality. properties either tend to feel too posh, or too relaxed to achieve this. we also took full advantage of the amazing cinq mondes spa on the domain. normally kids are not allowed in there, but during school holidays – if the weather is still too cold to enjoy the outdoor pool – kids can take a swim with their parents during the morning hours. juliet and her dad had a blast splashing around the jacuzzi, dipping in and out of the hammam and taking a swim in the indoor pool, while – you guessed it, right? – mom disappeared for a wonderfully relaxing massage. have i told you before how much i love cinq mondes spas? i think they’re the best in the world.

when i shared some memories from this trip on my INSTAGRAM, i received a lot of questions about the chateau and its environment, and since i can’t recommend both highly enough for your next trip – please don’t hesitate to ask me anything at all in the comments below! we also took a few field trips – nothing too far or too taxing in my state, but very fun little expeditions that i would love to share with you in my next post.

photos by stephanie duval

if you’ve been following along this year, you’ll remember that in the spring we discovered the gorgeous chateau st. pierre de serjac in the French languedoc area. we spent a wonderful extended weekend there and enjoyed it so much, we immediately started plotting our return.

and so it happened – because a few weeks ago, we were invited back to the beautiful estate and stayed in another beautiful holiday home for a few days of doing nothing but relaxing, eating and drinking, hanging out by the pool and enjoying juliet’s ‘vacation modus’ antics.

what i didn’t know before and learned during our second visit, is that each one of the rental homes is actually owned by a private proprietor, who decorated the house to their own tastes. while in the spring we thoroughly enjoyed the rustic, natural aesthetics of number 28, this time we had fun comparing it to the slightly more exuberant style of number 21. at first we were taken aback by the bright blue velvet couch and abundant touches of silver everywhere, but we quickly fell in love with it, too. i was especially fond of the gorgeous tiles in the bathroom and the spacious, luxurious bedroom.

once again we were able to enjoy a private garden with a pool, even though juliet preferred to hang out in the huge infinity pool that is shared by all the property’s guests. she really loved chilling on the cozy, extra large tanning beds with canopies, where we spent an inordinate amount of time snoozing and enjoying whatever the mixologist at the outdoor bar fancied shaking up for us (expert word of advice: ask him to create a drink with some of their home grown herbs!)

once again i snapped about ten thousand photos during the weekend because beauty is just everywhere you look around here. but this time we also had some fun shooting some good old home video, and we put together a little impression of what it looks like to spend a weekend at the chateau. we had a lot of fun putting it together, so i hope you’ll like it – and i look forward to hearing what you think in the comments!

as for the languedoc area – we really intended to leave the property this time around… but we only half-succeeded to visit sète one morning. the area is gorgeous, of course, but the chateau is just too darn beautiful and peaceful to leave behind for longer than it takes to buy some fresh food at a nearby market or sample some wines from nearby vineyards. and as it happens, i heard there are plans to incorporate a real winery in the chateau – so soon that’s one less reason to need to leave the premises ever again at all!

photos by matthias rabaey and stephanie duval at CHATEAU ST. PIERRE DE SERJAC


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