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guys, do you still remember what juliet’s room looked like when she wasn’t born yet and we had just moved into our apartment? whenever i look at THOSE PICTURES right now, i can’t believe how clean and uncosy the space was before she arrived. as you can see in THIS POST i started adding some colorful touches little by little, until end of last year her room evolved into THIS WARMER AND COZIER PLACE for her to feel good and safe. but it wasn’t until i hit the playful-warmth-and-coziness motherload a few weeks ago, that her room really came together…

browsing the new arrivals on the new KIDS LOVE DESIGN webshop, i stumbled upon this gorgeous beauty of a rug by lorena canals. it is obviously inspired by the traditional and colorful beni ouarain moroccan rugs, but it’s quite a bit less expensive and when it gets dirty you can just throw this version in the washer. needless to say – i was sold the minute i first spotted it, and was convinced this was exactly what juliet’s room needed to become the playful paradise i had in mind for her.

perhaps it’s because i introduced it so enthusiastically to her, but juliet was a fan right away, too. lately she’s become obsessed with baby yoga (did i mention we have the most amazing daycare here in switzerland? i love that they introduced my kid to this – she might even encourage me to finally take up yoga with her!), and the giant rug gives her ample space to practice her downward dog and her favorite pose, the butterfly (‘when your feet give each other kisses’, are her instructions.) it’s also her favorite place to play hide and seek with whatever throw or blanket is closest to her, to grab a book from the new book racks i improvised with spice racks from ikea and read it stretched out on the floor… we don’t have a rug that is as fluffy and cozy as this one in our living room, so her own room is fast becoming her favorite place to hang out.

to be honest, i hadn’t anticipated the rug would fit in so well as it does. i feel like all the little things i’ve bought or found and started throwing together now finally start making sense. from the soft pinks to the golden mustard tones that started accumulating, it all needed just a little more color to tie it all together. and it turns out a tiny bit of boho charm, too. i found those cute tassel key chains in a souvenir shop on mallorca, and i love how the colors seem to fit exactly with the ones in the rug. i couldn’t have planned it any better, but i feel like it’s even more meaningful because it was all spur of the moment.

i’m curious – what is your approach to designing your home, or your kids’ room? do you plan it all out, do you seek help from a professional, or do you do as i do – search, gather, collect and pray that it all works out in the end?

so many things in juliet’s room came from (or can be found at) my favorite kids design store in divonne (and online shop, too) KIDS LOVE DESIGN – that gorgeous lorena canals rug, her oeuf nyc bed, the budtzbendix changing table • juliet’s bed is made with CAMOMILE LONDON, KONGESSLOEJD and KIDWILD linens. the numero74 flag line, canopy and bed bumper i found at LIDOR (which has an amazing selection of that brand). the mustard throw is from belgian brand POMAX, and the cute baby blankets, bear lovey and pink knit pillow are also belgian-made, from HVID • juliet is wearing an outfit by GRO COMPANY, slippers from EASYPEASY and sandals from LIMONSODA • the wooden toy camera is from ZOEN VOOR GUST and the crocodile pillow is from GRAMPA PARIS. please leave a comment if you’d like to know the origins of anything else in the photos • all photos by stephanie duval

Juliet’s First Birthday

April 7, 2016 • KidsLife

i can’t believe she turned one. our little baby, our tiny petite crevette. it’s sure been one hell of a ride, this past year. and every day i’m amazed that i seem to love her even more than the day before. we celebrated juliet’s birthday ‘en petit comité’, with our closest family and friends.

i didn’t want to go all supermom over juliet’s party, but i also didn’t want to let it pass without notice. so i did the best i could think of – i ordered some amazing cakes from LES TARTES DE FRANCOISE and was inspired by the amazing INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT of MINIMAL AFFAIR to try my hand at a nonchalant green theme and balloon garland. the first of which i kinda succeeded at, the latter didn’t even come close to the example she set! i’m so ordering my next party decorations from her. i did, however, totally love the amber apothecary jars i scored via brussels hot spot CHYL. such perfect vases for the vibe i wanted to create (and they look really cool without flowers, too!)

juliet and i are the luckiest people in the world to have such amazing friends in ‘high places.’ the always wonderful, always cheerful KELLY STEENLANDT offered to take some pictures of our little gathering, and of course they are all absolutely stunning. and the lovely camilla of LITTLE COLUMBINE and anette of GRO COMPANY sent such pretty outfits our way – i just wanted to eat that little marshmallow up!

juliet wasn’t too sure what everyone was doing, standing around the table and singing to her while this strange little yellow thing was burning on top of this funny-looking brown heap. the look on her face while her dad blew out the candle was absolutely priceless, as was the look on her face with her first ever taste of chocolate – i’ll share that pic on MY INSTAGRAM soon. (spoiler alert, she was not convinced.)

photos by KELLY STEENLANDT // juliet’s cardigan via LITTLE COLUMBINE, leggings via GRO COMPANY and crown via SUUSSIES // amber apothecary jars via CHYL // for more snaps and thoughts from our lives, feel free to stalk me ON INSTAGRAM. to be completely honest – life is not allowing me to take as much time for this blog as it needs, so instagram feels like a nice way to keep sharing on a more regular base.


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