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How Blogs Work, The Sequel

October 6, 2014 • Work

the funny thing about writing, publishing and promoting a book about blogging is that it leaves you with virtually no time to actually blog. i’ve been a little frustrated that i lack the time to share some of the stories i’ve been working on for a while now – but rest assured that they are on their way. for now, i wanted to give you a little update about my book HOW BLOGS WORK, its release and the reactions to it, because this whole experience is really blowing my mind. i can’t believe how many people came out to support me last week, and how many more of you have been buying my book and sharing your opinions on social media. this all makes me happy and proud beyond belief. to see some of the most recent updates surrounding #howblogswork, just check out this cool frapply page that keeps track of all mentions!

last week, LANNOO and SERAX teamed up to throw HOW BLOGS WORK a little launch party at the beautiful SERAX headquarters. i can’t thank both enough for their support and belief in me. SMARTMAT helped out by providing the best food i’ve tasted at any event in a looooong time. people are still emailing and texting me about the amazing veggie burgers they served. and the best part? SMARTMAT is a food delivery company that takes the hard work out of grocery shopping and recipe developing, and provides you with everything you need to recreate their awesome dishes at home! belgian company ORDAL kindly provided water and juice to keep everyone hydrated, and sent guests home with a little water bottle designed by tim van steenbergen. last but not least, COINTREAU installed a diy #cointreaufizzcocktail bar that was definitely the biggest hit of the night. i want to send them all virtual kisses for making the launch such an incredibly cozy evening. i’ll be uploading more photos to the 70percentpure FACEBOOK PAGE today.

more love goes to my family and friends, the press and bloggers who came out to support me, and to tom from WOONBLOG, jo and barbara from ALLE DAGEN HONGER and kim from BRUSSELS AIRLINES who could be trusted to say many more intelligent things about blogging than i possibly could that night. it’s such a challenge to talk about the subject in a way that does it justice – blogging is just not accepted by everyone as the possibly powerful and influential media platform that it is. i’ve noticed that interviews about HOW BLOGS WORK for websites, magazines, radio and tv barely scratch the surface, though i do commend them for talking about blogging at all. if you’d like to see the interview i did for belgian tv show café corsari, i’ve uploaded the fragment to youtube.

all photos by BRAM LAEBENS // many thanks to COMPTOIR DES COTONNIERS and WOLFORD for what is already my favorite outfit of the season


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